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Need to navigate through a large Google Doc? Use bookmarks and links to easily jump to particular content or headings inside and outside the document.


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Not only can you use headings to link to important areas of your document but you can add bookmarks to navigate around a Google Doc. You use a bookmark to choose special places in a document that you want to make a link to.

Unlike headings, bookmarks do not appear in a table of contents. Bookmarks provide a unique web address (URL) you can use to link to from within the document itself or outside the document in an email or website, for instance.

Within a Google Doc you can use the link tool to link to many things, including headings, bookmarks, other Google Docs, and websites.

Create a Bookmark

  1. To create a bookmark go to the place in your document you wish to create a bookmark for, you can use text, a picture, or even a blank space, then use the Insert menu and then Bookmark.

  2. The bookmark will appear as a blue symbol in the left margin. To get the link of the bookmark place your cursor next to the bookmark ans and pop-up menu will appear with a Link and Remove links: use the Link option to get the web address of the bookmark. This link will take anyone (with permission to access) to that specific part of the document.

Create a Link

  1. Select the content you want to act as the link (some text or a picture), or place your cursor where you want to insert your link.

  2. Use the Insert menu then Link, or the Link button on the formatting bar, or activate the context menu (right-click) and use

  3. Insert link.

  4. You can make the link points to in three ways: choose from Headings or Bookmarks, enter a web address in the Link box, or enter a search query in the Link box. The search finds web pages or Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings etc.

  5. Use the Apply button to add the link to the document

  6. To change the link text (the text that people click on) select the link and use the Change option, then enter new text in the Text box.


Create a Bookmark

Insert a Bookmark

Bookmark Options

Create a Link

Insert a Link

Change a Link

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