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Google Cloud Partner

Air Liquide UK

The world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health.

Client situation: Air Liquide UK wanted to implement a new intranet for our colleagues in the UK. Having used Google Workspace Business since 2014, Google Sites was our preferred platform but we were concerned that it might not have the functionality of other solutions. We approached Steegle who reassured us that Google Sites was a good solution. They worked with us at every step, providing practical training and workshops, advice on design and functionality and ongoing support. They also helped us to implement an interactive directory, providing an interface for our internal personnel system, making it easy to find colleagues contact information..

The solution: Steegle were excellent throughout. Always knowledgable, helpful and friendly, they worked with us to provide solutions that added value to our business. Our new intranet has helped us to deliver important messages to a wide audience in varied ways. Importantly, it has also made it easier for us to get feedback and opinions from colleagues. Having been impressed with their work, we have since used Steegle on another project to provide further training on Google Workspace. I would highly recommend working with Steegle.

"Steegle were excellent throughout. Always knowledgable, helpful and friendly, they worked with us to provide solutions that added value to our business."

Matt Hatch, Communications Coordinator, Air Liquide UK

DPI Partners Limited

Collaborative IT and infrastructure outsourcing

Client situation: DPI Partners Limited is a newly-formed business in 2015 that sets out to provide outsourcing of IT services in an open and transparent way. As many of the staff came over from different companies DPI Partners wanted a logical place for standard documents and frameworks, as well as an easy way to access the Google Workspace environment.

The solution: Steegle was commissioned and produced a user-friendly responsive intranet. The intranet took heavy influences from Google's material design to give the site a modern vibe. Due to the critical nature of this system, DPI has taken out a 24-7 monitoring service.

"The modern design was well-received by our staff who were impressed by the power of the modern Google ecosystem"

Dan Smith, Head of Operations, DPI Partners

Regulus Partners

International Consultancy

Client situation: Regulus partners was founded by online gaming experts, who provide advice on strategy and regulatory issues to the gaming industry. The founders having come from large enterprise environments wanted rock-solid, enterprise-quality systems but without the hassle of implementing large infrastructure or need big IT teams.

The solution: A clean website design based on their branding scheme, which was secure, easy to edit by Regulus staff, and fast to load wherever the users were located around the globe. Finally, we were able to develop a secure extranet for clients to upload documents.

"We have been delighted to work with Steegle to setup our cloud systems and build an integrated class-leading website to allow our partners to collaborate."

Francesca Leyland, Partner, Regulus Partners.

Aim for "A"

Privately-tutored revision courses

Client situation: Aim for a is a leading extra curricular tutoring organisations that serves pupils from around the south-east of England. They were avid users of Google Sites because they liked the ability to manage the site and free hosting. Their in-house site, however was not optimised and moreover it was not being used by their customers, students, to do self service applications and workflows.

The solution: Steegle developed forms and automated scripts so that a student get onboarded seamlessly with the necessary paperwork being completed. The new site was a mobile friendly, more interactive with a better user experience. The biggest boon for our client has been the reduction in paperwork and duplication of effort as previously they relied on a lot of copying and pasting between individual systems. The Google Apps Scripts do not require a special service to be running and work for the business 24 hours a day, with great uptime and a solid service.

"Steegle's scripting has saved us hundreds of man hours and significantly reduced our compliance burden so we can focus on teaching rather than form filling."

Nicolas Moore, CEO, Aim for 'A' Revision Courses

The Leading Partnership

Management Consulting Company

Client situation: The Leading Partnership, based in Sydney Australia, came to Steegle knowing that we were worldwide experts in innovative Google Workspace sites design. The company already had a site based on Joomla but we had been frustrated by the difficulty of updating the site, hosting costs and lack of responsiveness.

The solution: Our team analysed the client's needs and produced a site that today receives traffic from around the world and is updated in-house dynamically and flexibly by the team. The new site has been well received and the business was particularly happy as the new design has dramatically reduced costs and is responsive to modern devices like smartphones and tablets.

"Steegle migrated our old website to Google Sites to give it modern aesthetic and a responsive, mobile-friendly design to ensure the site works on multiple screens."

Stuart Jones PHD, The Leading Partnership