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Are you a Google Workspace Partner looking for intranet solutions?

We recognise that out of the box Google Sites can be a tricky platform for clients to implement an Intranet. That's why many Google Workspace Partners choose to resell complex siloed intranet solutions like Lumapps or Happeo.

However, partners increasing realise that many end clients find these platforms overkill for their needs, or cleints are not comfortable putting their sensitive data on other third-party platforms outside of Google; but nevertheless still require more than Google out-of-the-box Google Sites can offer.

Thats where Steegle Intranet Solutions fit it. We design, develop and professionally tailor Intranet for your clients. We also sell and develop a number of tools that can enhance existing Google Sites based intranet solutions. Take a look at our Springboard Solution for more information.

Why work with Steegle?

We have been experts on Google site solutions since 2008. We work professionally in partnership with resellers to deliver solutions that are functionally rich and provider ongoing revenue to our Google Workspace Partners.