Google Sites for Education

Examples of Google Sites-based websites and intranets developed for education

Google Cloud Partner

Built with the new Google Sites

We have helped a number of schools, colleges and universities in the US, Canada, the UK and around the globe to develop and design innovative and responsive websites, virtual learning environments and intranets using Google Sites.

Google Sites takes advantage of working in the cloud, Google's reliability (99.9% Uptime available), no hosting fees and single-sign-on with your free Google Apps for Education accounts.

If you'd like us to work on your website or intranet, please contact our Google Sites for Education sales consultants.

Training Provider - New Google Sites

Training Provider - New Google Sites

  • New Google Sites Responsive design
  • Migrated from classic Google Sites
  • Vacancies
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Integration with Google Drive
  • Custom site logo, theme colour and favicon
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Site search

District School Board Intranet

  • Searchable and Editable Staff Directory
  • Private for staff only in over 45 schools
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Custom site-wide sidebar
  • Google Drive integration
College/School - New Google Sites

College/School - New Google Sites

  • New Google Sites design
  • Fully mobile-responsive design
  • Full-width background images
  • Integration with Google Forms
  • Modern, bold design
  • Staff profile page
  • Integration with Google Drive

District School Board Intranet

  • Private for over 3,500 staff only in over 50 schools
  • Google Forms integration
  • Custom search of Google Drive items
  • Google Drive integration

  • Site renovation
  • Student application form
  • Automated student profile generation
  • Scripted Google Docs
  • Maintained by the customer

  • Design prototype
  • A replica of their existing non-Google Sites website
  • Newsfeed with embedded thumbnails
  • Custom twitter timeline
  • Customised navigation bar