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Google Sites Self-Build Intranet Templates

Our Google Sites Intranet Templates provide a solid starting point for your company's intranet, with a range of professional, easy-to-use, and fully customizable sample templates

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Google Sites ready-to-use,  Intranet Templates
Free to $599

Varsity Basic - Intranet Template - $199

Varsity Basic Intranet Google Sites Template: a 4-page template that offers a good start for small teams

Varsity Basic Intranet

Varsity is a customizable intranet template offered by Steegle. While it provides fewer pages and less content it's a useful start for an intranet on Google Sites. If you need a more comprehensive solution, discover our paid-for templates below, or our Steegle.One intranet platform for Google Sites: a powerful, professionally designed and automated intranet to reduce day-to-day management. 

Real Estate - Intranet Template - $299

Google Sites Intranet (Real Estate) template for purchase for real estate business and services.

Real Estate Intranet

Steegle.One: the professional solution

Does your organisation need more? Discover Steegle.One, our professional, automated intranet solution that includes custom design, automatic org charts, news and announcements, employee recognition, as well as email newsletters and comprehensive document library search.

Tyrian Purple - Intranet Template - $499

Tyrian Purple is a customizable intranet template that  got apps, a secure environment for company documents, quick access to important information and much more.

Tyrian Purple Intranet

Tyrian Purple is a: customizable intranet template that provides a simple yet effective launchpad for apps; a secure environment for company documents; and quick access portal to important information. With its user-friendly team pages, easy-to-use update system, and clean design, Tyrian Purple is the perfect solution for growing businesses looking to launch their employee intranet, quickly and efficiently. Plus, with free hosting costs forever, it's a cost-effective option.

Steegle.One: the automated intranet

Do you need an upgrade? Our Steegle.One intranet solution for Google Sites offers an automated intranet that provides an on-brand theme, employee directory with hierarchy view, updates and news with email bulletins, employee celebrations, and searchable file repositories.

Azure - Intranet Template - $499

Azure Professional Blue Water Intranet tempalte 360 solution for company inteanet. It incudes news, resources, quicklinks and communication pages.

Azure Professional Intranet

Azure Professional Intranet is a go-to source for company news, resources, and communication. Stay connected with your colleagues, access important information, and streamline your work. Find employee manuals, training materials, and safety resources easily, and keep up-to-date on the latest projects, initiatives, and announcements. Stay updated with social buzz using the the social page on the Intranet.

If your business requires a more robust solution for your intranet needs, our Steegle.One platform for Google Sites is the ideal choice. With its powerful, professional design and automation, you'll be able to reduce the amount of day-to-day management required, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks.

Steegle.One: the intranet in a box

Do you require a more comprehensive package? See Steegle.One, our intranet in-a-box platform that features bespoke designs, automatic organization charts, news and announcements via email, calendar streams, employee shout-outs, and a document search fecility.

Ardent - Intranet Template - $499

Ardent Services Intranet template will help your company to centralise all your resources and tools under one roof. Employees can easily navigate, communicate and search files using the intranet template

Ardent Services Intranet

Ardent Services Intranet is your go-to destination for company news, resources, and communication. Stay connected with your colleagues, access important information, and streamline your work with ease. Quickly find employee manuals, training materials, , and stay up-to-date on the latest, initiatives, and announcements. Keep your finger on the pulse of social activity with Facebook and Twitter 

See the Steegle.One intranet solution for Google Sites If your organisation requires a people directory, org charts, employee recognition, news, schedules and searchable Shard Drives, files and folders.  Steegle.One provides a professionally designed theme to match your branding guidelines, and a kickstart with training and support from our Google Sites experts.

Steegle.One the professional solution

Looking for something better? Look at Steegle.One - our professional, automated intranet packages that include custom design, automatic org charts, news and announcements, employee recognition, as well as email newsletters and comprehensive document library search.

Verdant - Intranet Template - $599

Verdant Company Intranet template designed by Steegle for the internal use of the company. It includes all the tools necessary for a company intranet

Verdant Company Intranet

Verdant Company Intranet is packed with resources and tools to help you stay ahead of the competition and maintain your position as the best professional company in the industry. Here you'll find everything from client files and project updates to training programs and continuing education opportunities. We believe that staying ahead of the curve is essential for success in the fast-paced world of accounting. That's why we're constantly seeking out new ways to enhance our skills and knowledge, and we're committed to providing your team with the tools and resources needed to succeed.

IntraConnect - Free Intranet Template

Intraconnect is a free basic intranet template for Google Sites users.

IntraConnect - Free Intranet

IntraConnect Free Intranet has all the basic and necessary resources and tools to help you stay updated with your intranet template.

Steegle Start Self-build Intranet  POA

Steegle Start Self-build Intranet template is designed for users to self design and develop their Intranet template.

Steegle Start
Self-build Intranet

Steegle.One Basics is our template offered to clients buying our Steegle.One License

Steegle.One the professional solution

Unleash the full potential of your company with the exquisite Steegle.One, the ultimate automated intranet solution. Our professional-grade packages feature custom design, automatic organization charts, cutting-edge news and announcement tools, employee recognition capabilities, and seamless email newsletters. With our comprehensive document library search, find vital information in a snap, and never miss a beat. Upgrade your company's communication and collaboration with Steegle.One.

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