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We design and develop awesome intranets, websites, solutions and scripts for Google Sites and G Suite

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Websites and Intranets on Google Sites

Websites designed on new Google Sites

Create responsive websites and intranets quickly and easily with Google Sites and securely share content from Google Drive, Calendar, Maps and YouTube integration.

Organizational Charts and Directory for G Suite

Steegle People for G Suite Organizational Charts and Staff Directory embedded in Google Sites and mobile web

Find your colleagues and coworkers with the Steegle People for G Suite and and generate organizational charts to see the structure of your company.

Document management developed with Google Apps Script

Custom document management workflows to help you manage the control and publication of your corporate policies and procedures.

Extend functionality of G Suite and Google Sites with Google Apps Script

Add bespoke functionality to your intranet, website or dashboard, like Steegle People for G Suite automatic org charts and staff directory.

Develop automation and workflows with Google Apps Script

Develop web apps, Google add-ons for your Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms and integrate your third-party apps through their APIs and more.

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Since 2008 over 4.3 million people have used our website knowledge-base. Working with Google we've helped steer development of Google Sites and you can be sure when you use us you get the latest tools, scripts and techniques to give you the best Google Sites web experience. We are your Google Website Designers!

G Suite Experts and Google Cloud Partners

Some clients want all the benefits of Gmail and Google drive: the speed and convenience but their business is based on a traditional office environment. We can provide a hybrid solution between Office 365 and G Suite to provide the comfort of locally stored files on a server or network attached storage

The Google Cloud Partner Association is a member organisation made up of leading cloud IT companies who believe in the transformational power of Google's platform. is a founding member of the Google Cloud Partner Association and has worked hard to ensure Partners of all sizes have a voice with Google. Our aim is to build a friendly and collaborative Partner ecosystem. Check out the organisations website for more information.

Google Cloud Partner Association
G Suite deployment from by the G Suite experts

We can migrate you to G Suite and assist with change management. We also offer hybrid solutions using Office 365.

G Suite Security Audit and Health Check by the G Suite experts

We check your G Suite domain for adequate reliability, auditability, scalability, extensibility and robustness to heighten security.

Simplify complex G Suite licensing with the G Suite experts

We sell G Suite licenses and can offer flexible pricing plans to help simplify the bills to avoid complicated billing.

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Productivity extensions for G Suite

We work with other productivity tools to fill the gaps that G Suite does not cover.

Wrike - Task and Project Management - recommended by the G Suite experts
AODOCS - Corporate ownership of Google Drive - recommended by the G Suite experts
GAITOR - G Suite User Directory - developed by the G Suite experts
Spanning - Backup for G Suite, Office 365 and Salesforce - recommended by the G Suite experts