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Our Google Sites HR Templates provide a solid starting point for your human resources department, with a range of professional, easy-to-use, and fully customizable templates

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HRSphere Blue - HR Portal Template - $499

HRSphere Blue HR Portal template will help your company to centralise all your resources and tools under one roof. Employees can easily navigate, communicate and search files using the HR Portal template.

HRSphere Blue Template

HRSphere Blue Template is your go-to destination for a HR Portal. This Template provides a comprehensive HR intranet with a clean design and user-friendly interface. Simplify your HR management and elevate your employee experience. Looking for a cost-effective start? Try our HR LITE portal - a compact yet powerful free template.

See the Steegle.One intranet solution for Google Sites If your organisation requires a people directory, org charts, employee recognition, news, schedules and searchable Shard Drives, files and folders.  Steegle.One provides a professionally designed theme to match your branding guidelines, and a kickstart with training and support from our Google Sites experts.

Steegle.One the professional solution

Looking for something better? Look at Steegle.One - our professional, automated intranet packages that include custom design, automatic org charts, news and announcements, employee recognition, as well as email newsletters and comprehensive document library search.

HRSphere Pink - HR Portal Template - $499

HRSphere Pink HR Portal template is designed by Steegle for your company's HR needs. It comes with all the necessary features to make your HR Portal work smoothly.

HRSphere Pink Template

HRSphere Pink Template is your go-to destination for HR Portal. This Template offers an intuitive and user-friendly HR portal that seamlessly integrates all essential HR functions. Be it recruitment, payroll, benefits management, or policy communication, HRSphere Pink covers it all. For a more advanced solution, explore our premium templates or consider our HR LITE portal for a simple, no-frills experience.

If your business requires a more robust solution for your intranet needs, our Steegle.One platform for Google Sites is the ideal choice. With its powerful, professional design and automation, you'll be able to reduce the amount of day-to-day management required, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks.

Steegle.One the professional solution

Does your organisation need more? Discover Steegle.One, our professional, automated intranet solution that includes custom design, automatic org charts, news and announcements, employee recognition, as well as email newsletters and comprehensive document library search.

HR LITE - HR Portal - Free Intranet Template

HR LITE is a free basic HR Portal template for Google Sites users.

HR LITE - Free Template

HR LITE Free Template has all the basic and necessary resources and tools to help you stay updated with your HR Portal template.

A compact selection of key HR pages. Experience simplicity and efficiency with our free HR LITE Portal. Ideal for startups and smaller businesses, this template encompasses the basic HR functions without any added complexities.

For those requiring a more complete and bespoke solution, explore our HRSphere series. With their robust design and comprehensive HR functions, they are the perfect tools to enhance your HR department's productivity and effectiveness. All of this with the benefit of free hosting on Google Sites.

Steegle.One the professional solution

Unleash the full potential of your company with the exquisite Steegle.One, the ultimate automated intranet solution. Our professional-grade packages feature custom design, automatic organization charts, cutting-edge news and announcement tools, employee recognition capabilities, and seamless email newsletters. With our comprehensive document library search, find vital information in a snap, and never miss a beat. Upgrade your company's communication and collaboration with Steegle.One.

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