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Images and Drawings - Google Docs

Need to know how to add images or drawings to your Google Docs? Add files from your device, Google Drive or from the web, or even draw an image yourself.


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In Google Docs you can insert images from your device, from Google Drive, from the web, or you can even draw and edit your own using Google Drawings.

Insert an Image

  1. Use the Insert menu and select Image then choose from:

    • Upload - upload an image from your device);

    • Take a snapshot - take a picture with your webcam;

    • By URL - enter the web address of an image online;

    • Google Drive - select an image from your Google Drive.

    • Search - search Google Images, the LIFE images store, or Google’s Stock images collection.

    • Please note the different permissions associated with these searches - The images found in the Google search and the LIFE images search can be used outside of Google Docs, but the Stock images are allowed only within Docs.

Insert an Image in a Drawing

  1. Use the Insert and then Drawing

  2. In the embedded version of Google Drawings use the Image button

  3. Use the same options mentioned above to select your images, or you can draw objects, and arrange them how you want them to appear;

  4. Use the Save & Close button to close Google Drawings and return to your document;

  5. If you need to edit the drawing selecting the drawing and use theEdit option that appears.

Resize/Move an Image

  1. Once you have an image in your document you can change its size, wrapping, and margins.

  2. To change its size, select the image and use the corners to resize the image to scale, or use the sides to stretch the image out of its original proportions.

  3. To change the wrapping, select the image and choose either in-line, wrap text, or break text. In-line means that the picture acts like a piece of text and so cannot be freely placed on the page. Wrap text means that the image is free and can be placed anywhere on the page, and that text will wrap around it. Break text is the same as wrap text except that there will be no text to the right or left, only above and below.

  4. The margin option is to the right of the wrapping option. Choose the margin you prefer from the menu.

Crop an Image

  1. You can also crop images in Google Docs. Select an image and use the crop button to access the cropping tool.

Replace an Image

  1. You can replace an image you've already inserted with another. To do this, right-click on the image and choose Replace Image...

  2. You can upload your own image or search for a new one

Reset an Image

  1. If you are unhappy with how an image has changed, right-click and choose Reset Image to revert it to how it originally appeared in the document


Insert a Drawing

Reize/Move an Image

Crop an Image

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