Careers with Steegle

Google Cloud Partner

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Want to start a career with a fast-growing, dynamic company that loves the cloud?

Do you like the sound of a company that values its culture as highly as the work it does? Steegle does just that. We provide help and training for Google Sites and G Suite as well as a range of Google setup and support services.

We are always looking out for bright individuals who share our commitment and values. We have a track record of recruiting Google Top Contributors into our teams.

We are not constrained by the trappings of offices hours, location or physical infrastructure. Everything we do and believe in is based around delivering professional and high-quality cloud-based solutions and applying our business insight to make solutions smarter.

If you are interested joining our team then please complete the form alongside. We are a flexible, hard-working bunch of people.

Tips for registering :

  • Make your public Linkedin page appropriate and stand out
  • Follow Steegle & DrPete on Linkedin
  • Tell us why you love Google and how you can make a difference

Take your time: we want to hear from people who really want to work for us. And, believe us, it shows when people do. Apply some effort and attention, and do your research: It’ll make a difference.

We value people who have gained Top Contributor status as much as experience or qualifications. We do not work with agencies and will only ask for a CV or meeting if we think there is an opportunity for us to work together.

Steegle is part of the DPI Partners Group that provide strategic independent technology advice. We share the same customer values.