About Steegle.com

We design Google Sites and deploy G Suite

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Steegle.com™ provides help and support for Google Sites and Google Apps as well as a range of quality Google setup and support services. Steegle.com.com is part of the DPI Partners Group that provides strategic, technology advice.

Our ethos

Apart from being totally enamoured, charmed, fascinated and making Google a part of our life...

We passionately believe in:

  • Using the amazing framework of cloud tool to empower our users and customers.
  • Providing free useful self-service content for our 'followers' and commercially sensible advice to our clients.
  • Delivering professional and high-quality solutions and applying our business insight to make solutions smarter.

Our achievements

  • We are the number one unofficial site for help and advice on Google sites.
  • We support and advise clients around the Globe.

Our quality

We have unrivalled reputation in developing Google Sites and G Suite solutions and our clients give us great feedback on TrustPilot.

In addition to this, we:

  • Are building up our other free support pages
  • Are developing our Enterprise bespoke services Which we will deliver via our trained consultants world wide and
  • Putting together a range of pay and go services for our smaller customers.

Where does the name "Steegle" come from?

The site was the brainchild of one of our founders, Stephen Hind. At that time in life Stephen was a teacher and in a discussion with his students, he talked about the merits of rebranding and discussed why one successful brand renamed themselves to a seemingly bizarre name.

Stephen responded his guess was that the business was driven by the need to be unique on the web. Perhaps, he reasoned, the business owners did an internet search for made up words to see what individual name they could find. One sharp-witted learner said "You're name's Stephen and your 'mad about' Google so why not make a site called steegle.com?". Stephen did a search and saw the domain was available ... While it may have seemed like a preposterous idea somehow the name stuck and as a team we now love it!


We hope you find Steegle.com helpful - and you become "mad about Google" too!

Yes the Disclaimer...

Google, the Google logo and other devices are trademarks or service marks of Google Inc. Steegle.com is an independently produced website and a G Suite provider. Steegle.com and the parent company DPI Partners Limited disclaim all responsibility and liability for the content of information on this website. No rights can be derived from the content of this website. Steegle.com/DPI Partners disclaims all liability for direct or indirect loss of whatever kind and on whatever basis, due to the use of information that was, or is available on the this website. Prices and available services are subject to change without notice. Variations in exchange rates are reserved.