Employee Directory

Steegle People for Google Workspace

Searchable employee directory for Google Workspace. & optional automatic org charts.

Enrich Your Employee Portal Intranet

Powerful Employee Tool

  • Connect and reconnect staff

  • Unearth hidden skills to help you grow your business

  • Discover virtual teams

  • Mobile and remote work friendly

  • Save your staff time and money

Powerful Insights of Your People

  • You decide on all fields to get rich users profiles Choose:

    • Skills, Teams

    • Compliance fields - health & safety or disaster recovery

    • Location fields- Google Maps

    • Fun data - hobbies, languages

Detail-packed Employee Profiles

Visualise Your Employee Directory

Who's Who - Gallery View

  • Spot those familiar faces!

  • A-Z visual employee directory list

  • Filter by department, locations

  • Search by skills, job title

  • Change sort order between family and given name

Instant Organograms from Google Workspace

Instant Automatic Org Charts

  • No more endless wasted hours!

  • Get instant org charts direct from Google Workspace

  • Always up-to-date

  • Use the organogram to navigate around the company structure

  • See where everyone fits

  • Switch feature on or off

  • Export raw data to Google Sheets

Org Charts for created on-the-fly

Celebrate & Build Your Community

Celebrate Birthday & Anniversaries

  • Employee Milestones!

  • Fun birthdays & work anniversaries on your employee experience platform

  • Display on other pages!

Employee Directory Your Way!

Customized look & feel

  • Make Steegle People your own!

  • Using your own corporate colours

  • Multiple colour ways for each element

  • Configurable by your Google administrators or IT Team

Steegle People for Google Workspace Video

Affordable Pricing - $0.18+ /user/month

Built on Google Workplace


Pricing from $0.18


Data remains with you


PC Phone Tablet access


Powerful Google search


Built-in Google security


Your data is backed- up

Steegle Workspace Suite of Tools

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Steegle Flow for Automation

Steegle Flow provides a secure framework and responsive system to for workflow so your organisation can approve documents, like purchase orders, policies procedures etc.

Steegle People for Google Workspace

Organisation chart and searchable staff directory for Google Workspace that automatically generates org charts to show your organisation structure and real-time search results.