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Google Workspace for your Organisation

At we love to help and support companies and organisations move to the cloud with Google Workspace, provide Google Workspace training and change management, and migrate your emails, calendars, documents and files into Google Workspace. If you need any of these Google Workspace services then see more details below.

Leading cloud reliability with Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers its services with a 99.9% service level agreement. Google Workspace achieved 99.989% uptime availability in 2018. With no planned downtime for updates and system maintenance you can rely on Google Workspace ready for use whenever you need it.

Need Google Workspace Services?

If you need any help with your upcoming Google Workspace deployment or support with a current Google Workspace implementation then let our Google Workspace experts know.

Google Workspace Migration

Migrate to G Suite with Steegle

Google Workspace Migration

  • User mailboxes, calendars, contacts and storage

  • SharePoint to Google Drive Shared Drives

  • Mail Archives to Google Workspace Vault

  • Local server to Google Workspace migration

  • Office 365 to Google Workspace migration

  • Split an existing Google Workspace domain into two or more

  • Let us know you current system to migrate to Google Workspace

Google Workspace Deployment

Google Workspace Deployment

  • Organisational Units created and structured

  • User account creation

  • Group creation and membership management

  • Dual/Split delivery configuration

  • Shared drives creation and permissions set

  • Secondary and alias domain configuration

  • Security settings consultation and configuration

  • App settings consultation and configuration

Google Workspace Training

Google Workspace Training

  • Google Workspace super admin training to cover the activites a domain admin would need to perform to successfully manage Google Workspace.

  • End-user training to ensure each user knows how to get the best out of the Google Workspace apps and collaboration tools.

  • Change management to help transition from your legacy system to Google Workspace.

  • Regular top-up training and notification of new features added to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Licence Support

Google Workspace Licensing

  • Split complex licensing requirements for multiple organisations in one Google Workspace

  • Get multiple services in one package based on user/month pricing

  • Let us manage your customers resold licences to ease your workload

  • Get month-by-month costing for all of your bundled services to see a true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Google Workspace Security Audit and Workshop

Google Workspace Security

  • Ensure you can restore mission-critical data when you need to recover from malicious or accidental deletions

  • Roll out 2-factor authentication to help prevent remote hacking into your accounts

  • Find out what and who shares ensure you can stop accidental sharing and public visibility

  • Reduce the risk of mobile device loss and prevent unauthorised data access