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What G Suite offers and the services we provide to you

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G Suite Services for your Organisation

At Steegle.com we love to help and support companies and organisations move to the cloud with G Suite, provide G Suite training and change management, and migrate your emails, calendars, documents and files into G Suite. If you need any of these G Suite services then see more details below.

Industry-leading cloud reliability with G Suite

G Suite offers its services with a 99.9% service level agreement. G Suite achieved 99.989% uptime availability in 2018. With no planned downtime for updates and system maintenance you can rely on G Suite ready for use whenever you need it.

Need G Suite Services?

If you need any help with your upcoming G Suite deployment or support with a current G Suite implementation then let our G Suite experts know.

G Suite Migration

Migrate to G Suite with Steegle

G Suite Migration Services

  • User mailboxes, calendars, contacts and storage

  • SharePoint to Google Drive Shared Drives

  • Mail Archives to G Suite Vault

  • Local server to G Suite migration

  • Office 365 to G Suite migration

  • Split an existing G Suite domain into two or more

  • Let us know you current system to migrate to G Suite

G Suite Deployment

G Suite Deployment Services

  • Organisational Units created and structured

  • User account creation

  • Group creation and membership management

  • Dual/Split delivery configuration

  • Shared drives creation and permissions set

  • Secondary and alias domain configuration

  • Security settings consultation and configuration

  • App settings consultation and configuration

G Suite Training

G Suite Training Services

  • G suite Super Admin training to cover the activites a domain admin would need to perform to successfully manage G Suite.

  • End-user training to ensure each user knows how to get the best out of the G Suite apps and collaboration tools.

  • Change management to help transition from your legacy system to G Suite.

  • Regular top-up training and notification of new features added to G Suite.

G Suite Licence Support

G Suite Licensing Services

  • Split complex licensing requirements for multiple organisations in one G Suite

  • Get multiple services in one package based on user/month pricing

  • Let us manage your customers resold licences to ease your workload

  • Get month-by-month costing for all of your bundled services to see a true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

G Suite Security Audit and Workshop

G Suite Security Services

  • Ensure you can restore mission-critical data when you need to recover from malicious or accidental deletions

  • Roll out 2-factor authentication to help prevent remote hacking into your accounts

  • Find out what and who shares ensure you can stop accidental sharing and public visibility

  • Reduce the risk of mobile device loss and prevent unauthorised data access

Hybrid Office 365 and G Suite Solutions

Some clients want all the benefits of Gmail and Google drive: the speed and convenience but their business is based on a traditional office environment. We can provide a hybrid solution between Office 365 and G Suite to provide the comfort of locally stored files on a server or network attached storage