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Find out how long your classic Google Sites will exist before Google closes classic Google Sites:

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Deprecation Timeline for classic Google Sites

Google has given two roadmaps for the deprecation of classic Google Sites, the migration process and conversion tool to get you to new Google Sites, and the impending closure of classic Google Sites. Here we summarise all the information that Google has provided to help give a coherent overview of what you can expect and when you might expect to see it.

Migration to new Google Sites in Google Workspace available until June 2022

Due to customer feedback Google has realised that classic Sites still offers unique value not currently offered in new Google Sites. Google, therefore, needs time to allow more classic Site to migrate to new Sites until June 2022. For personal/consumer Google Sites automatic migrations and deletions have already begun and will be complete by early 2022.

Some classic Google Sites features will stop working

Classic Google Sites was originally released in February 2008, yes 11 years ago at the time of writing, and its infrastructure and integrations with other products and gadgets are quickly becoming outdated so some classic Sites features will either stop working or work differently. We can see this happening already due to the closure of Google+ embedded Google+ posts will not display in classic Sites (any website in fact). You should expect to see similar changes to features over the next three years as other Google products get updated and classic Sites gets left behind.

Features Removed from classic Google Sites

  • Insert images from Google Photos (March 2020)

  • Some gadgets, e.g. the PayPal Storefront, stopped working (May 2021)

New Features will appear in new Google Sites

Google never wants to over-promise what new features may appear, and never gives any indication when the new features will become available, but Google has provided some examples of what you will see in new Sites. The summary list of announced features we have made on this page is formed from the two roadmap announcements from the Google Workspace Updates blog:

and the video released at the Google Sites breakout session, presented by Eric Birnbaum former Google Sites Product Manager, during the Google Cloud Next '19 global conference in April 2019 (on the right or below depending on your screen width).

Future of Google Sites (Cloud Next '19) Video

Previously Announced Features - Available Now

The features below are available to all and ready to use in new Google Sites:

Recently Announced Features - Still Pending

New Features are formatted in bold and our comments are in italic :

  • Better integration with other Google Workspace products - we have no idea what this actually means but it's welcome nonetheless

  • Editor comments - just like in Google Docs you can collaborate with other editors by sharing comments on the edit process.

  • Richer and more comprehensive search from within a site - those are Google's exact words but we sincerely hope this would mean indexing embedded Google Drive content in the site search results

Previously Announced Features - Still Pending

The features listed below have been announced in the past and we still await for them to appear in new Google Sites:

  • API capabilities including Google Apps Script integration

  • "More granular access to different sections of sites" (we hope something similar to page-level permissions)

    • Google's January 2019 Roadmap update did not include this

  • Site update notifications

Improved Migration Process and Conversion Tool

As Google expands the features and functionality of new Google Sites Google will develop improvements to the migration tool and conversion process to help make the migration from classic Sites to new Sites easier.

You can try the classic Sites to new Google Sites conversion tool right now, if your site can migrate, and see how it will work for your classic Google Site.

Steegle Migration Service

If you need help with migrating your classic Google Site to new Google Sites we can provide advice on whether new Google Sites will meet your needs, manually convert your classic Site to new Sites or help clean up an automatic conversion.

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