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Add Image Carousels - new Google Sites

Insert automatic image sliders and picture slideshows, with captions, to give dynamically changing photos on new Google Sites


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Add Image Carousels - new Google Sites

  1. Open the right-hand Insert panel.
  2. Use the Image carousel option.
  3. In the Insert images dialogue box use the Add image button (looks like a plus + and when you hold your mouse over it becomes a plus in a circle ⊕ ).
  4. Choose to Upload images from your computer or Select images either By URL, by Search, from your Google Photos Albums or from Google Drive.
  5. Once the images are added you can click and drag the images into the order you want, add alt text and add a Caption for each image.
  6. Use the Settings button (looks like a gear/cog at the top-right corner) to choose whether you want to
    • Show dots to demonstrate progress through the slideshow
    • Show captions underneath each image
    • Auto-start if you want the slider to start automatically
    • Transition speed to progress from Very slow to Fast
  7. Use the Insert button to add the image carousel to the page
  8. Move the image carousel to the position you want it on the page and use the grab handles (blue dots) to enlarge or shrink the image carousel.
Add image carousels with captions and variable speed to new Google Sites to give image slideshows and photo galleries

Availability of new features in Image Carousels for new Google Sites

It will take 1-3 days for full rollout of the new features to both rapid release and scheduled release G Suite Domains (released on 02 December 2019).

Notes on Image Carousels in new Google Sites

  • For best results choose images of the same size and aspect ratio so all images work well on each slide.
  • You cannot add links to the images in a carousel.
  • Maximum of 20 images
  • Images chosen from a Google Photos album or a Google Drive folder are not connected in any way to to the source images, so you do not get more images as you add more images to those Albums or Folders.
  • The Very slow transition speed is about 4 seconds per image and Fast is 0.5 seconds.

Example Image Carousels of new Google Sites Website Designs

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image
Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

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