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Image Height Guides - new Google Sites

Give your images a consistent height with visual guides and snapping in new Google Sites

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Make images the same height

  1. Add more than one image to the same section.

  2. Set the height of the first image.

  3. Set the height of the subsequent images and as you do so you will see the visual guides to show it's the same height as the first and snap to that height.

  4. Continue to set the height for the other images and the guides will appear and snapping will occur an show which images the current image height has snapped to.

  5. If you want to set the height differently to the other images in the section just move beyond the snap and guide and you can set it to any height you want.



  • As you adjust the image height the guides will appear and snapping will happen for the other images in the same section, so you will see the guide each time you approach the height of another image in the section.

  • The image height guides and snapping only appear when you have more than one image in the same section: you cannot snap to the height of another type of tile (text tiles will grow in height as the textual content wraps).

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