The informative

Steegle News
for Google Sites

Filterable, scrollable and collated news article display

Display headlines, snippets and metadata linked to your news articles and blog pages on your Google Site and filter by tags added to the news gadget:

The missing news gadget for new Google Sites!


New Google Sites does not offer any kind of a news tool, or the announcement pages from classic Sites, which means there's no succinct way of highlighting news snippets on your site.

Features of Steegle News

We've developed an easy-to-use tool that displays:

  • headline with link

  • snippet

  • thumbnail with link or impactful background cover photo

  • attachment with link

  • metadata that includes date published, author, tags and source

  • news from multiple RSS feeds

Taken from your news or blog articles or favourite RSS feeds.

How the news gadget works

A user enters the story, comprising of a headline, story content, and optionally a picture and a link. If the user is a news admin the story will appear right away. For a general use of the story will lodged and then an email will go out to the news administrators to accept or decline the story.

Stories can also be set from a set of specified RSS feeds, and our Apps Script reads this data and displays a filterable news feed on your Google Site, as a stream or in channels. On your site your visitors will see a filterable news feed of the articles you enter in the form, sorted by the latest published date first or with pinned articles at the top of the feed.

Video Demo - Steegle News for Google Sites

Live Demo - Steegle News for Google Sites

All News - Full Width

Channel: #releaes - Medium Width

Channel: #start - Narrow Width

Questions about Steegle News for Google Sites

Can we filter the news feed?

Yes! When you enter your news articles you assign tags and these tags form a filter drop-down list at the top right of the display and the tags display as links under the news snippet.

Alternatively you can make a specific channel for this tag or source to pre-filter the news to only that tag or source and display it separately.

Can we embargo the news items?

Yes! When you enter the news articles you pick a published date: if this date is in the future the news gadget will not display that article until that date.

Can we change the colours Steegle News?

Yes! Colours can be changed by administrators.

Can we use Steegle News like Announcement pages.

Yes! Many customers buy Steegle News for this reason, as new Google Sites does not provide the Announcement page and recent posts gadgets that classic Google Sites offered.

Do we need add a photo or an attachment?

Adding a photo is optional.

Do you have email news bulletins?

Yes we can configure our tool to send out news bulletins daily, weekly or monthly

Do we need add a photo or an attachment?

No: photos and attachments are optional and will only display on articles you have added one to.

Can we hide the author name?

Yes: adding who the article was published by is optional.

What sources can we use for news

Steegle News provides its own user interface to provide your news stories. You can also add RSS feeds, both Atom and RSS XML files to be a source of news.

Can we keep our news private for an Intranet

Yes! Steegle News works entirely within your Google Workspace account and does not need to be public. You can set different levels of who can add news and set group visibility to each news item if required.

Does the news gadget adapt to mobile displays?

Yes the Steegle news gadget is fully mobile responsive, see the examples above.

Where is all the news data stored?

The text content for the news article and the likes data is stored in a Google Sheet that you create and own that we don't have access to. The photos and attachments are stored in a Google Drive folder that you create and own.

What is the pricing of Steegle News

Steegle News has an annual license as well as install & training fee fee. Minimum license fees start at US $1,500 and depend on teh number of users.

Big discounts available for genuine education and not-for-profit organisations.

Can we show news from one department/tag/source?

Yes you can make a channel for news item from a particular source (e.g. just the form or an RSS feed) or choose only one hashtag (#tag) to display. This means if your departments contribute news via the form that department can add a tag to identify its news and then the channel can show just that tag.

Can I resell Steegle News? I am a Google Cloud Partner

If you are a Google Cloud Partner - we are happy to discuss reselling options for all of our products.

We are Web Developers - Can we resell Steegle News?

If you are a bona fide web development agency we offer reseller agreements. Please contact us via the form.

Is Steegle News Free?

No it is a chargeable product. The license fee will depend on the number of users and type of organisation.

Does Steegle News Support RSS/Atom Feeds?

Yes: you can provide the URL to your Atom or RSS feed and Steegle News will periodically get the latest articles from the feed, including any tags added to the feed, and display in teh gadget.