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Step into the world of the finest Google Sites examples of this moment.

A handpicked compilation designed to stimulate the creativity of web designers, Google Sites enthusiasts, and theme creators. Discover a multitude of unique Google Sites examples to invigorate your design journey.

At Steegle.com, the undisputed global Google Sites experts and Google Cloud partners, we've selected the most striking, polished, and innovative Google Sites themes from the digital landscape. Unlike platforms such as Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix, Google Sites stands out with its free, bullet proof security, user-friendly, and robust interface.

Google Sites empowers you to build and share websites without any coding knowledge. It's a versatile tool, perfect for creating personal blogs, business websites, team collaboration spaces, intranets, knowledge management platforms, and HR portals.

Immerse yourself in our showcase of ground-breaking Google Sites examples that will redefine your web design expectations. Google Sites' broad appeal spans across students, teachers, artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, underscoring its versatility and ease of use.

Whether you're a web design novice or an experienced professional seeking inspiration, our collection is sure to ignite your creativity. With Google Sites, you can tailor your website to a myriad of purposes, from artistic portfolios to corporate landing pages. Steegle.com is here to assist you throughout the process, ensuring your website embodies your vision and is ready to captivate the world. We also offer the chance for users to submit their own sites for review and potential inclusion in our collection, fostering an environment of continuous learning and community growth.

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Top Google Sites Examples

Migrasoothe is a healthcare portal for drug-free approach to treat migraine.
MigraSoothe is an example of a brand site - built on Google Sites it is easy to update and allows consumers to get and search for relevant information about migraine headaches and the innovative vitamin therapies.

MigraSoothe Migraine Support 


Screenshots of Steegle.com website made using the Google Sites
The site act as en encyclopedia for Google Sites with information, free and paid templates, faqs and knowledge sharing about Google Sites
little cooking studio  For tots, kids, teens & families a cooking website desinged using the Steegle Themes.
The site is built using the Google Sites template. You can buy or free download templates from Steegle Templates

Little Cooking Studio 


Tulsi.co.uk is a fast food takeaway website selling Indian food and sweets.
 Google Sites auto adjust the text colour for readability based on the background section or image is useful for a site like this
Jsvfoto a website developed using the Google Sites by the Photographer to showcase his photographic skills.
While there are many photos sharing websites the simplicity of Google sites means it can form an ideal platform for sharing creative photos and graphics for individual, the best part being there are no hosting costs and the site remain secure.



Filiprzepka is a video editor website desinged using the Google Sites.
Use the Full Page Embed option to embed a document or link for a full screen view
A research website on Google Site by Dr. Xu Chu, a professor of geology at the University of Toronto.
You can use custom background for each page of your site or you can set universal background using the custom theme



Racechain is a blockchain technology platform for horse racing.
As noted by leading commentators a Google site is very secure and hard to hack. As racechain.io is closely related to online gaming security is paramount.
FlippingRetail LLC is a consulting firm that helps brands sell direct to consumers on Amazon.
Explore the site to see how the developers have use different page layouts.

Flipping Retail


Steegle.One is the experts of Google Workspace solutions and consulting. Steegle.One is a perfect solution for your Google Workspace Intranet needs. A self-build, simple, fast and secure, online collaboration platform, built on Google Sites. Steegle.One an all-in-one intranet digital workspace has all the built in features for your Google Sites.
Steegle.One is a leading Internet platform based entirely on Google sites providing productivity tools that make it flourish as an intranet solution. The developers have actually continued to use Google sites for their business to consumer advertising site. Despite Google Sites' limitations, its security and stability make it a reliable choice for a public website, which is why the developers continue to use it for their business-to-consumer advertising site.
Moalboal Adventure Tours is a website that offers adventure tours in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines.
You have 3 different text option under style if using the custom theme in Google Sites as used by Moalboal

Moalboal Adventures

Steegle Compass Intranet

Steegle Compass Intranet is the internal intranet of the Steegle company built on Google Sites.
Google Sites are the perfect fit for Intranet or Portals as they can easily be integrated with Google Workspace tools.
E-Gaming Experts is a well-designed and informative website that provides a wealth of information on the esports industry.
You can use Google Sites for Personal Sites, Buiness Sites, Intranet Sites or for any Other Site

E-Gaming Experts

JP Google Drawings

Joshua Pomeroy is an Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer showcasing his skills on the JP Google Drawings portal.
Google Sites helps you to easily be embed the Google docs, slides, sheets, forms and chart files from your Google Drive
Regulus partners is a global strategic advisory business based on data-driven approach.
You can use cloud search on your Google Sites if your Google Workspace edition meets the requirement

Regulus Partners

Water Fountain Guy

The Water Fountain Guy is service based website portal engaged in all types of water fountain repair and installations.
Google Sites now has inbuilt social links media buttons to use on Google Sites used by this site.
The Hans K Google Sites website for professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Bergen designed by the Steegle Team
This personal and professional website is an excellent example of how to effectively utilize a Google Custom theme. The theme is not only easy to manage, but it also offers a plethora of customization options, making it a versatile choice for many web projects.

Hans K. Hvide

DrPete Tech Consulting

DrPete is a tech consulting and IT services website based in london UK.
 A website utilized by a professional practice. In this instance, the practice provides innovative IT consultancy services, change management, business transformation, etc.
Hotel Flanders is a luxury hotel brand website for users to book and reserve hotels online.
A visually appealing website for a hotel built on Google sites. That features booking reservations.

Hotel Flanders 


The Pathways Community Network Institute website is community based portal.
This site uses innovative graphical approaches although they are not using the latest version of social media icons et cetera.
Restonent is a healthcare specialist portal for ENT doctors, surgeon and patients.
This is a medically based site using Google Sites - indicating how innovative the Google sites platform can be providing security and stability to sensitive businesses involved in medicine.

Restonent ENT

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