Google Drive Help

Comment on Microsoft Office, PDF and image files

Collaborate in Google Drive with comments on Microsoft Office, PDF, images and other types of files


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Add comments to files in Google Drive

  1. From Google Drive on the web ( open the Preview of the file

  2. From the preview use the three-dot more actions menu at the top right of the preview and choose Open in new window

  3. Once open in a new window or tab you will see the add a comment icon appear then select some text (or an area on a image) then use the Add a comment icon that appears on the right of your selection

  4. Add you comment and you can +mention users and assign actions to specific users.

  5. To view comments marked as done or resolved use the three-dot more actions menu and choose Show comments column

  6. Use the three-dot more actions menu and choose Manage comment notifications to choose whether you get notifications for every comment, only replies and mentions or no notification at all.


  • Comments made on Microsoft Office files appear as comments in the relevant app, e.g. if you add a comment to a Word file you will see this as a comment in Microsoft Word on the desktop.

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