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Google Drive Folder Embed and Search Gadget

Custom Google Drive embed gadget that allows you to embed and search a folder or a Team Drive with various sort options

Feature Overview

  • Display a Google Drive folder or entire Team Drive in your site
    • Embed anywhere (any website building platform) via an iframe
    • Embed in new Google Sites using the Embed URL option.
  • Search Team Drives:
    • Search results include items in sub-folders.
    • Search for text in title/file name of the item.
    • Search for text within the contents of the item.
  • Search Folder (but not any sub folders).
  • Direct download links for non-Google file formats (PDF, Microsoft Office files, images etc)
  • Navigate through folders in the site without the folder opening in a new browser tab.
  • Sort by:
    • name,
    • last modified date,
    • created date (gives a "latest files" view ).
    • Resort on-the-fly in the embedded site display without the need to refresh the whole site page (except when viewing search results).
  • Choose columns to display:
    • Show file size,
    • Hide owners (owners hidden automatically on a Team Drive),
    • Hide download links.
  • Responsive design (columns hide automatically on narrower displays).
  • Can use on public sites with no sign in required
    • Alternatively require sign in and display only what the signed in user can see
  • Front-end to configure the display options you want.

Example Embedded Team Drive with Search

Need to know more about the Google Drive Gadget?

If you would like to make use of this gadget it costs £125 GBP +VAT and credit card fee (approximately $169 USD). Please complete the form below and we will contact you to organise payment or see if there are any special customisation you want us to make (may incur additional fees).

The cost includes a guided setup by us and a demonstration on how to configure and use.

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