Steegle Share for Google Drive - display Google Drive in your site with search and sort options

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Steegle Share for Google Drive

Embed Google Drive with search and sort options

Custom Google Drive gadget that allows you to embed and search a folder or a Shared Drive with various sort and file upload options

Looking to conveniently share Google Drive Content to your Intranet or Websites users?

Meet Steegle Share!

We offer a few options for Steegle Share for Google Drive, so please look at Features and Pricing to see which edition is right for you.


Use the table of contents on the right to find all the information you need about the Steegle Share for Google Drive and how you can use the Drive gadget to best meet your needs either in a Google Site or on any other web platform via an iframe.

Steegle Share - Essentials Edition

1 Share | Search | Sort | Owners | File sizes

Essentials - Feature Overview

  • Display a Google Drive folder or entire Shared Drives in your site

    • Embed anywhere (any website building platform) via an iframe

    • Embed in new Google Sites using the Embed URL option.

  • Search Shared Drives:

    • Search results include items in sub-folders.

    • Search for text in title/file name of the item.

    • Search for text within the contents of the item.

  • Search Folder (but not any sub folders).

  • Navigate through folders in the site without the folder opening in a new browser tab.

  • Sort by:

    • name,

    • last modified date,

    • Resort on-the-fly in the embedded site display without the need to refresh the whole site page (except when viewing search results).

  • Choose columns to display:

    • Show file size,

    • Hide owners (owners hidden automatically on Shared Drives),

  • Responsive design (columns hide automatically on narrower displays).

  • Admin panel to configure the colours and display options you want.

  • Designed for SME clients

Essentials Live Demo

Try for yourself - see searches like:

  • "Pdf" and see publications

  • "Pension" and see all documents with the word contained within

  • "Horse" and see equine related info

  • "Eating Apple" for a video

Steegle Share - Standard Edition

3 Shares | Hierarchy | Grid | Download | Search | Sort | Owners | File sizes

Standard - Feature Overview

Everything in Essentials (see above) plus

  • Folder hierarchy view

    • Expand and collapse the folder hierarchy tree

    • Easily see where you are in the folder structure like a breadcrumb trail

  • Grid view - See thumbnail previews of the files.

  • Direct download - Links for non-Google file formats (PDF, Microsoft Office files, images etc)

  • Designed for small to medium size companies.

Standard Live Demo - Folder Hierarchy and Grid View with Download Links

Steegle Share - Plus Edition

6 Shares | Public Access | Hierarchy | Grid | Download | Search | Sort | Owners | File sizes

Plus - Feature Overview

Everything in Standard (see above) plus

  • Public access -

    • Embed on a public website and not require sign in (folders/files displayed need to be shared publicly)

  • Description Tooltip - See the Drive custom description of the file as a pop-up

  • Hide search - Option to hide the search box

  • Designed for small to medium size companies up to 500 users.

  • Unlimited if shared publicly

Plus Live Demo - Public Access with Folder Hierarchy and Hidden Search

Steegle Share - Enterprise Edition

Advanced Query | Uploads | Support | Public Access | Hierarchy | Grid | Download | Search | Sort | Owners | File sizes

Enterprise - Feature Overview

Everything in Plus (see above) plus

  • Advanced Drive API Query

    • only show particular files or folders found by an advanced query rather than displaying an entire folder

  • Uploads

    • Allow users to upload directly from your site rather than having to go to Google Drive

    • Upload new versions of existing files

  • Support

    • Get our experts to get you up and running quickly

    • Ongoing support to get help when needed

Enterprise Pricing and Demo

Please complete the form below if there are any queries or need pricing or a demo of the Enterprise version .

Features and Pricing Table

Questions about Steegle Share for Google Drive

Does Steegle Share search within subfolders?

Yes and no! 🤔

  • Shared drives - YES - if you embed a shared drive then the gadget will search the entirety of the shared drive and in any folder or subfolder on that drive.

  • My Drive Folder - NO - Google's Drive API does not offer any way to search a folder and its subfolders. We recommend you use Shared drives instead but if you cannot we do offer a clever solution to this - please please contact us for more information.

Can we display Steegle Share on multiple sites or pages?

You can display the Steegle Share on multiple pages if its the same Drive share you what to show. Extra shares are included Business Standard, Business Plus Edition and Enterprise.

Does Steegle Share search the content or just titles?

Yes - the gadget will search a file's content as well as its title (and the Drive description you may have added). Not only that but it takes advantages of Google's synonym and root words technology to find content that uses similar words to your search query.

Do you offer install help?

You should not require install help but you can select it at checkout if you need it. The Enterprise version provides support in the package.

Do you offer educational or non-profits discount?

Yes - the we offer the Enterprise Edition to schools, colleges, universities, charities and not-for-profits at discounted rates. Please use the form above or contact us to get your personalised quote and a demo.

How secure is Steegle Share?

Steegle Share requires the user to sign in to see what's shared with their account, using the standard Google Drive sharing permissions. If you do not allow public access to the share then a user who does have access to your files will not see them.

The public version of Steegle Share provides view that does not require sign in but will only display publicly shared files. The public version is only available in the Plus and Enterprise Editions.

Can I download from Steegle Share?

Yes! Click on the file You are presented with a download button. Business s
Standard and above have quick download features.

Can I upload to to Steegle Share?

Yes! Please enquire for the Enterprise Edition..

Can Steegle access our files from Steegle Share?

No. Steegle cannot access your files you share via Steegle Share

Is Steegle Share verified by Google?

Yes. It was first verified 20 Jan 2021

Can I resell Steegle Share? I am a Google Cloud Partner

If you are a Google Cloud Partner - we are happy to discuss reselling options for all of our products.

We are Web Developers - Can we resell Steegle Share?

If you are a bona fide web development agency we offer reseller agreements. Please contact us via the form.

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