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Cloud-based Solutions for your Organisation

Here at we help organisations of all sizes to help find the right cloud-based solutions for first-time moves to the cloud or the enhance your organisation's existing cloud solution. If you need advice and guidance on moving to the cloud or what to fill a gap in your cloud's functionality look at what we offer below.

Scaleable, Reliable and Secure Cloud Solutions

Since cloud solution providers maintain and update their cloud computing services in the background, without downtime and intervention from you, you can benefit from the instant scalability, distributed reliability and updated security 24/7. Whether you're looking for a digital transformation, infrastructure in the cloud or to make a digital workplace we have a solution for any organisation.

Need to discuss a cloud solution?

If you need any kind of cloud solution for your organisation, whether you're a business, education or non-profit, let our Cloud Solutions Consultants know.

Google Workspace Cloud Solutions

Solutions offered by Google Workspace

  • Connect your workforce with cloud-based email, calendar, contacts, chat and video meetings.

  • Collaboratively create documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, apps and notes in the cloud.

  • Intuitively access and find instantly your mission-critical data and files with ML and AI technology.

  • Securely control and manage your users, devices and data in distributed cloud solutions.

Google Sites Website and Intranet Solutions

Solutions using Google Sites

  • Public websites to show off your products and services, contact details and more.

  • Private intranets help your digital workforce find colleagues, policies and procedures.

  • Dashboards to provide insightful data and charts from your backend systems.

  • Track projects and events by quickly and easily creating unlimited, dedicated sites.

DocQusitive Virtual Data Room (VDR) Solutions

DocQusitive Virtual Data Room features

Virtual data room solutions - Features

  • Store your key documents securely in Google Cloud's Google Workspace and find instantly with first-class search

  • Centralised location for all mission-critical policies and procedures

  • Receive automated notifications when key documents need reviewing to keep current

  • Facilitate the due diligence procedure for mergers and acquisitions

  • Repository for vital company information during a private equity or venture capital transaction

Searchable Google Workspace Staff Directory and Org Chart Solution

Searchable Staff Directory and Org Chart Generator Solution - Steegle People for G Suite

Steegle People for Google Workspace - Features

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Personal data never leaves Google Workspace

  • Search by: name; email address; department; location; job title; skills and more

  • Automatic organization chart

  • Sort and order by results

Searchable Student Directory and Class Chart Solution

Student profile showing class membership by an org chart

Steegle People for Education - Features

  • Automatic organization chart showing class membership and tutors

  • Display multiple classes for all the classes the student or tutor is a member of

  • Search by: name; email address; department; location; job title; skills and more

  • Sort and order by results

Steegle Flow - Bespoke Workflow Solution

Steegle Flow for Google Workspace screenshot

Steegle Flow - Bespoke Workflow Solution - Features

  • Custom Google Drive interface with action buttons

  • Bespoke authorisation and approval steps

  • Email notifications with call-to-action

  • Automated approval process

  • Documents stored in Shared Drives or My Drive

Document Management Solution

Document Management and Workflow Solution - Features

  • Custom Metadata searchable in Google Drive API

  • Multiple authorisation and approval steps

  • Email notifications with call-to-action

  • Automated activity and time-based reminders

  • Documents Published to Shared Drives

Purchase Order Tracking Solution

Purchase Order Tracking Solution - Features

  • Purchase order status and action Drive interface

  • Track purchase order progres

  • Email notifications to verify and authorise

  • Report on bottlenecks and slow-to-act parties

  • All documents stored in Google Sheets and Drive

Document Automation, Creation and Publishing Solution

Document Automation Solution - Features

  • Generate Documents from various input sources

  • Automate document creation for efficiency

  • Appropriately share and publish documents

  • Automatic filing in appropriate folders

  • Export to various formats, e.g. PDF, XLSX

Partner Cloud Solution Products

We partner with other solution providers to offer extra security and extensions for any cloud ecosystem.

Wrike - Task and Project Management - recommended by the G Suite experts
AODOCS - Corporate ownership of Google Drive - recommended by the G Suite experts
Spanning - Backup for G Suite, Office 365 and Salesforce - recommended by the G Suite experts