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The Problem:

Data can become siloed in various sources and data stores. It can be difficult and cumbersome to extract this data and make use of it in other systems. Why not create value-added data solutions to automate document creation and publishing?

How Steegle can help:

We can leverage the power of Google Apps Script to make use of data stored in both ODBC data sources and content in other Google Workspace apps. Steegle can develop scripts to generate documents and reports to surface business information that would otherwise trapped and forgotten about, automatically published on a timely basis.

The Solution:

At Steegle we want to help you solve the document creation and publishing issues you could do without hassle of. We will meet with all the relevant stakeholders to define the scope of work and then collaborate to provide the solution. We usually take the following approach:

  • Listen - only until we have heard from you can we begin to fully understand what document automation tasks you need to address;

  • Ideate - develop a friction-less solution to directly meet your automated reporting and publishing needs;

  • Collaborate - constantly feedback to and work with your business information publishers and users to ensure suitability for your document automation

  • Deliver - provide increased efficiency and well-managed business information and document automation with ongoing support.

Client Case Study - Aim for 'A'

Google Apps Script Automatic Student Profile Creation

Aim for 'A' Revision Courses approached Steegle to develop a document automation solution to automatically generate student profiles from its online Application form. Aim for 'A' chose to use Steegle as we could develop a new application form to embed in Aim for 'A''s Google Site previously developed by us. Aim for 'A''s staff were manually copying the data entered in one system and pasting into their student profile templates, so we developed a bespoke Google Apps Script to automatically insert the data entered in the application form into a Google Docs template.

The script saved hours of manual work, normally performed on a daily basis, and turned it in to an automated document creation process, enabling the Aim for 'A' employees to simply share the relevant student profile with the appropriate tutor. Since the profiles did not need to leave Aim for 'A''s Google Workspace environment the personal data was securely stored and protected to comply with the EU's GDPR legislation.

Client feedback - don't just take our word for it!

Huge amount of hours saved on a weekly basis!

We're thrilled that Aim for 'A' Revision Courses has found the document automation and student profile creation solution we provided so effective. Aim for 'A' Revision Courses let us know that the script we provided them saved them many hours of work every week!

We look forward to continued collaboration with Aim for 'A' Revision Courses to provide enhancements and updates to the student application form and automatic profile creation system if the need arises.