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AppSheet is a no-code apps building platform

AppSheet lets you build apps, automate workflows and integrate technology. You can develop rich and user-friendly apps for mobiles, desktops, browsers, iOS, and Android devices. Turn your spreadsheet into an app using the dynamic features of AppSheet. AppSheet is free to use and test apps for up to 10 users with all the features from any plan. Let's explore more about AppSheet.

What is AppSheet? 

Turn spreadsheets into software?

Imagine developing web and mobile applications without any knowledge of coding. Looks impossible right? But, this can be done with AppSheet. 

Great News! AppSheet Core Edition is now available, FREE with most Google Workspace editions

What AppSheet Offers

AppSheet offers endless possibilities and functionality in creating a no-code application that is easy to use and learn. Here are some of the core features you should be aware of:

As you can see, an application developed through AppSheet doesn’t lack any features that are seen in applications developed with coding. Additionally, these applications can also be used offline.

AppSheet Core Features

AppSheet is now included in the Google Workspace offering and is free of charge for many editions.

AppSheet Case Study

Case Study: (CA)nnection Implements AppSheet for Improved Data Management, Growth and Collaboration

(CA)nnection logo


(CA)nnection is a specialist recruitment company established by Russell Field that specializes in finding Chartered Accountants and Finance Professionals for international opportunities. Despite its rapid growth, the company faced challenges with its spreadsheet-based workflow and maintaining data integrity.

Connecting Chartered Accountants and Finance Professionals to International Opportunities

Dilemma: Systems Can't Keep Pace with Growth

Initially, (CA)nnection relied on traditional recruitment packages. However, to gain a competitive edge, the company used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to support its main package, tracking workflow and providing clients with snapshots of their accounts and candidates. However, with the company's rapid growth and staff in remote international locations, spreadsheets were no longer sufficient and were prone to errors. According to Russell Field, CEO of (CA)nnection: "As a distributed international organization, we faced the dilemma of investing in a new third-party application or finding a different solution."

Solution: AppSheet as a Quick and Secure Alternative

Steegle.com recommended that (CA)nnection consider AppSheet to build a more robust and secure front-end for its data management needs. The solution would maintain the familiar logic of the spreadsheet environment and could be implemented quickly and cost-effectively without the need for data migration. Steegle reassured (CA)nnection that AppSheet would integrate seamlessly with the existing Microsoft technology.

Iterative Implementation with Steegle

Since (CA)nnection lacked in-house technology expertise, it worked with Steegle on an iterative approach, starting with a feasibility study. Steegle transformed (CA)nnection's spreadsheets into a working prototype based on AppSheet technology.

Successful Implementation

After testing the prototype, (CA)nnection implemented an overhaul of its spreadsheet to AppSheet for 2023. According to Russell Field: "It's amazing that in a short amount of time, we now have a robust system that meets our strategic and practical needs and gives us an edge over the rigid working environment of an off-the-shelf package. Our staff were able to quickly adapt to the new system."

"With a new internal control system, we now have a solid platform to build on and add extra functionality, new reports, and enhanced auditability. We have the benefit of a nimble and trustworthy organization that can perform rapid changes in days, not weeks or months like traditional organizations."

Russell Field
CEO, (CA)nnection


(CA)nnection successfully addressed its data management and collaboration challenges by implementing AppSheet, a secure and user-friendly solution that maintained its existing workflow logic and intellectual property. The new system offers real-time data collaboration, easy data management, improved data security, and more, enabling (CA)nnection to continue its rapid growth and success.

AppSheet App Examples

Tracker App for Logistics Services

Tracker App for Logistics Services

Safety App for Safety Department

Safety App for Safety Department

Project App for Marketing Services

Project App for Marketing Services

IT Ticketing App for IT Services

IT Ticketing App for IT

Task App for Task Management

Task App for
Task Management 

CRM App for CRM Services

CRM App for
CRM Services

Pros and Cons of AppSheet



AppSheet Pricing

Build and test your apps using AppSheet and share them with up to 10 users free of charge. If you want to share it with the rest of your team, you should subscribe to AppSheet's paid plans. You have an option to choose from two types of subscription plans: secure and public.

The secure plan is ideal if:

The public plan is ideal if:

The Secure plan consists of the Starter, Core, and Enterprise. 

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Sales Hotlines

US ✆  +1 (302) 672 3007
UK ✆  +44 (207) 871 5021

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AppSheet FAQs

Can I update my AppSheet? Are updates allowed?

Yes, you can update your app information or workflow. Developer changes are saved automatically.

Does AppSheet offer good data security?

Yes, AppSheet apps rely on the data security from your data provider: 

Can I use AppSheet on desktop?

Yes, you can use Appsheet apps on mobile, desktops, browsers, iOS, and Android devices.

Is AppSheet free?

Yes, you can develop and test apps on AppSheet for free. AppSheet allows up to 10 users free of charge with features used from any plan.

Thrilling Announcement! The AppSheet Core Edition now comes complimentary with many Google Workspace editions!

Can I sell AppSheet apps?

Yes, you can develop apps with your branding under a white label native version of an AppSheet app. You can then publish your app on Google Play Store or also sell it from your website.

How can I share the AppSheet app?

Yes, you can share your apps using the link of your apps. You can also have a share button on your app itself to allow users to share with others.

Can you use AppSheet with Google Apps Script?

Yes, you can trigger App Script using AppSheet automation bot. You could trigger an action to create a Google Drive file or folder, for example, which AppSheet itself cannot do.

How can I install AppSheet?

You can signup on the website www.appsheet.com. Alternatively you can install the Appsheet app from Google Play Store or App Store for iOS.

How can I add users in AppSheet?

AppSheet is free to use for up to 10 users. Multiple users can edit and interact with one data set if working on the same development project.

How can you add forms to AppSheet

Yes, you can add forms on AppSheet. Follow the guidelines to add forms to your apps on AppSheet.

What is AppSheet used for?

AppSheet lets you build apps without the need to know any code. You can build apps into AppSheet that run on mobile and web with data sources from Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Cloud SQL, Salesforce, etc.

Where are my apps stored?

AppSheet stores app data over cloud locations as specified by the users. You can save the data on Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Cloud SQL, and many other cloud locations. 

Can you use AppSheet for Microsoft Excel?

Yes, AppSheet supports Microsoft Excel XLSX files. You can connect AppSheet with your Microsoft Excel once you log into AppSheet with your Microsoft account. Follow these guidelines for more help.

Can I connect AppSheet with Google Forms?

Yes, you can connect Google forms with your AppSheet app. Follow the guidelines to know more. (As AppSheet itself provides an interface you may not need to use Google Forms).

Does Google Workspace come with AppSheet?

AppSheet Core is available as an add-on paid subscription to all Google Workspace editions. AppSheet Core licenses, however, are free for Google Workspace Enterprise Plus and Education Plus. To learn more see Compare editions.

Who are the competitors for AppSheet?

There are few competitors of AppSheet and commentators suggest software like Airtable, Ninox, Quickbase, Quickbase but probably the most similar is Glideapps.

Are there companies helping develop AppSheet Solutions?

AppSheet is a no code environment and claims anyone can develop apps in it. However, in our experience many companies do not have the requisite skills. We at Steegle.com can help. If you have a custom app development requirement.

Can AppSheet work offline?

Yes, AppSheet can work offline. One of the notable features of AppSheet is its ability to function without an internet connection. When an app created with AppSheet is used offline, any changes made by the user are stored locally on the device. Once the device regains an internet connection, the app will sync and update the cloud database with the changes made offline. This feature makes AppSheet particularly useful for fieldwork or in areas with unstable internet connections.

Is AppSheet available for iOS?

Yes, AppSheet is available for iOS. You can download the AppSheet app from the Apple App Store and access or run apps you've created or ones that have been shared with you. This makes it convenient for users with iPhones or iPads to utilize applications developed with AppSheet.

Is AppSheet Good?

Yes, at Steegle we certainly believe so! We've made significant investments in this platform and use it extensively to streamline our business processes. Essentially, we practice what we preach!

*We acknowledge that AppSheet and its logo are a property of Google