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Add a Shortcut to a file or folder - Google Drive

Add a shortcut to a file or folder in Google Drive to multiple folders so it can be found in various places


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Add a shortcut to a file or folder

  1. Open Google Drive.

  2. Select a file or a folder you want to shortcut to.

  3. Use the context menu (either right-click or the three-dot menu) and choose the Add a shortcut to Drive option

  4. Navigate to the folder or Shared Drive where you want the shortcut.

  5. Use the ADD SHORTCUT button to add the file to chosen location.


  • This process does not alter the permissions on the shortcut's target file or folder. If the user can access the where the shortcut is located and does not have permission to see the the target of the shortcut then the user sees a Request access option.

  • You can place a shortcut anywhere to any file or folder.

  • You cannot make a shortcut to a Shared Drive only files and folders.

Add a shortcut to Drive - Three-dot More Context Menu - Google Drive
Choose a shortcut location - Add Shortcut - Google Drive

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