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Examples of intranet designs we have created for Google Sites.  If you want an Google Workspace hosted intranet design based on your brand on Google Sites then see our Google Sites Intranet Design Services below:

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Google Sites designs for your Intranet

Google Sites can make reliable and easy-to-update intranet as part of Google Workspace or as a standalone project. We develop innovative and responsive intranet designs for organisations that want to use Google Sites in Google Workspace, with tools that enhances functionality. and answer the question "How to make intranet website?"

Our Steegle.One Intranet, Google Workspace Intranet Solution,  provides fully automatic org charts, announcements, employee profiles, file sharing and much more. We also redesign existing intranets, migrate legacy intranets from Sharepoint or other systems to new Google Sites intranet designs both inside and outside of Google Workspace.

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Get in touch if you want to know how to make an intranet and see how Google Sites facilitates a secure and productive digital workplace that helps provide a centralized intranet portal.

Enhanced Data Security

Make your IT department happy! Steegle intranet solutions are unique in the market: unlike other intranet systems they are designed to remain fully within your Google Workspace tenant so no need for extra compliance checking. 

Unrivalled reliability with Google Sites

Google Sites takes advantage of working in the cloud, supported by Google's reliability (99.9% uptime available), no hosting fees and single-sign-on with your Google Workspace accounts. Google Sites version history provides intranet version control that helps you manage your content and not lose important updates.

Google Sites Custom Themes for Google Workspace Intranets

Take your time to view examples of our Google Sites intranet designs below that we can provide to your Google Workspace intranet users.

Google Workspace Intranet Solution - Steegle.One Intranet - Google Sites Intranet Designs

Match your Google Sites intranet design to your brand

Mosaic news, Employee Spotlight, Celebrations and Schedule all provided by Steegle.One for your Start page from your Google Sites intranet

Steegle uses Google Sites to create a custom designed, responsive website that displays a compelling intranet, integrate your branding guides, and customize it to your business needs to implement mobile and remote working. Let us customize and design your corporate intranet and maintain organisational branding to optimize the employee experience.

Find your teams on your Google Sites intranet

Get news, files and organisation structure, provided by Steegle.One for your teams from your Google Sites intranet

Google Workspace provides Google Sites as a secure content management system to create your intranet, without the need for a third-party hosting service, and we organize and design your personalized intranet.  We also provide extra tools and configure these widgets to display the hierarchy of all employees and update and maintain departmental files from a shared drive to maximize knowledge management.

Colourful Custom Themes for Google Sites intranets

Custom Themes for your Google Sites intranet to match your brand guidelines

With Steegle.One Intranet we use Google Sites' custom themes to customize the colors and fonts to match your branding and build your site, and after we create your site provide training and ongoing support. Our intranet solution helps distribute internal communications to drive business and engagement and allow management can distribute company news.

Start work from Apps on your Google Sites intranet

Start work in your Apps directly from the Google Sites intranet

Google Sites provides secure and customizable interfaces, that are easy to use, to help you build your online presence to drive employee engagement with a secure project extranet to update your coworkers. The App Locker offers a secure way for employees to access their web applications and uses cloud based collaboration tools to facilitate the onboarding phase of new employees.

Automatic Organisation Charts on a Google Sites intranet

Interactive organization charts and organograms available on your Steegle.One intranet built in Google Sites

You don't need to worry about how to design an intranet website: we ensure your intranet is mobile friendly and displays your management structure through the automated org charts.

Discover office addresses on your Google Sites intranet

Interactive maps and office addresses available on your Steegle.One intranet built in Google Sites

How do I run Google Analytics on my intranet? With Google Sites you can integrate Google Analytics to view  the most engaging and frequently visited  pages on your intranet.

Google Sites intranet design with app icons, quicklinks, news, Twitter feed, time zone clocks and embedded calendars

Management Consultancy Intranet design with new Google Sites

Dark mode Google Sites intranet custom theme with app icons image carousel, social media links and departments

Media Company Intranet built on new Google Sites

Example custom design of quick links on a Google Sites intranet

Graphical Intranet - new Google Sites

With this Google Sites intranet we took a very graphical approach to providing the quicklinks to the external services using in the business.  The intranet users find these buttons easy to identify and intuitive.

Starlight Springboard Intranet Design Template Designed by Steegle

Company Group Intranet design with new Google Sites

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Team Navigator Intranet Design for new Google Sites

Google Sites makes building an intuitive, business class intranet easy. Unlike other content management systems you do not need to  know how to code and you can easily maintain your intranet using the drag and drop editor. It's easy to link to another collaboration platform, like Trello or Slack, to provide a more social intranet. If you do need a bespoke workflow engine to help collaborate then we can customize your intranet further using Google Apps Script.

Team Navigator - new Google Sites

Customer service intranet designed in Google Sites

CX Solutions Intranet - new Google Sites

Accessing a Google Sites intranet cannot be easier and is all secured behind your Google Workspace user accounts.  There is no extra technical skills required to secure your digital asset in Google Sites' free hosting.

IT service provider intranet design in Google Sites

IT Services - new Google Sites Intranet Design

Underground Surveyors' Intranet - new Google Sites

Real estate realtor intranet design in Google Sites

Real Estate Agent - new Google Sites Intranet Design

If you use Google Workspace for your email accounts, and need an intranet, then building intranets with Google's web builder is already available to you with no additional cost to build.  Google Sites is one of the best intranet builders for a small business intranet.

Quality Assurance Documentation  Microsite - new Google Sites 

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