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Public Websites

from $3,000* / £2,100

We design and build public websites, to your specification and design preferences. Most sites are designed within the initial fee for the overall theme and homepage. Work on extra pages we charge at the hourly rate. Typical sites cost $3000 USD

Private Intranets

from $5,000* / £3,500

We provide secure and private environments to enable the fast and easy collaboration for your organisation's intranet. We can also provide many useful tools like staff directories, holiday booking and internal news feeds.

Migrate Classic to New

from $3,000* / £2,100

We migrate classic Google Sites to new Google Sites, either completely manually or to tidy up an automatic migration. We can advise on whether new Google Sites will meet your needs or if you need to look to a new platform.

Gadgets & Scripts

from $3,000* / £2,100

If you need to extend the functionality of your intranet or website we provide custom gadgets and bespoke scripts and workflows. These tools are tailored to your organisation's specific requirements and needs

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Payment options:

  • Bank Transfer

  • Credit/ Debit Card (+ fee)

  • Credit Invoice (Subject to status)

*prices are indicative and may vary depending on your individual specification and project requirements. If purchasing from the UK the prices exclude VAT.

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