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Steegle Heroes
for Google Workspace

Employee Recognition and Kudos Software

Unlock the value of an employee engagement culture - recognize individuals or team members in easy to manage shout outs linking to employee profile

Pricing from pennies per month

Praise and recognize your People | Steegle Heroes

Features offered by Steegle Heroes for Google Workspace

Shout-out and make your teams smile

Praising your team or coworker takes 10 seconds but gives happiness forever.....

Real-time thank you notes

Give credit where credit is due: thank your colleagues and coworkers in a timely fashion.

Link directly to users profiles

Use the links on heroes' names to take you to the heroes' user profile to learn more about them in depth

Draw Attention with Photos or Badges

Award badges to your heroes or display a large photos to highlight their achievements.

Benefits by recognizing your team

Features offered by Steegle Heroes for Google Workspace

Create a workplace that people love

Provide a dedicated channel for culture – separate from productivity and work.

Instant recognition

Why wait for staff bi-annual staff appraisals? Give recognition quickly and simply in Steegle Heroes.

Better Employee Retention

Build a happy culture and get better employee retention by staff recognition.

Drive Behaviors that Power Results

Positive recognition drives a culture that values results and encourages increased personal performance.

Get to know people

Get to know your remote employees a little better by seeing their own photos in the background.

Celebrate the moments that matter

Celebration has a powerful impact on team morale and collaboration - improve your employee experience.

Example post in Heroes thanking an employee for excellent work
The Heroes interface for adding thanks for an employee, colleague or coworker.

Questions about Steegle Heroes for Google Workspace recognition Tool

What is employee recognition software like Steegle Heroes?

A: Employee recognition software is technology that helps you improve abstract human concepts—like employee satisfaction and relationships—with as much purpose and efficiency as you use to manage project deadlines and sales goals. This type of software helps companies provide feedback strategically, consistently, and measurably.

What do I need to do to get started with a Steegle Heroes software for employees?

You need to run Google Workspace and Steegle will perform an installation with employee profiles. Installation will take 40 minutes

How does an Steegle Heroes help with employee engagement?

A: An employee recognition platform can help with employee engagement by making it easier for employees to get and also review the feedback they need. These platforms empower employees to get more feedback than they’ve ever received before. This visibility removes doubt and uncertainty, helping employees engage deeply in pursuing crystal-clear goals and trajectories.

How does Steegle Heroes differ from recognition packages like Nectar, Bonusly, Workstride, Assembly etc

A: Steegle Heroes is designed for Google Workspace with built data compliance. We design a system that stores all its data within your Google Workspace so no need to worry about additional data stores or GDPR type date complaince

How do remote employees benefit from a peer-to-peer approach of Steegle Heroes?

A: when people can't be meeting in person, employees get even more happy with a recognised in the company.

What do I need to do to get started with a Steegle Heroes software for employees?

The organization chart is automatically created from the manager relationship information stored in Google Workspace Your Google Workspace domain administrator in your IT department will normally keep the user accounts up-to-date so there should not be any additional work to ensure your organizational structure is correctly reflected in the org chart.

Does it take a lot to manage Steegle Heroes?

No. Just decide on administrators and who is allowed to make a post and off you go! All posts can be edited or deleted by an admin.

Can we the icons for the badges?

Yes. Choose your colour and icons to match house style.

How does Steegle Heroes Pricing work?

A: contact us for further information.

Do we have to Buy Steegle People with Steegle Heroes?

Steegle Heroes includes Steegle People Essentials Edition as it relies on the data within the system for employee profiles to be linked.