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Off-the-shelf and bespoke Google Apps Scripts to provide document management, workflows, employee directories and extend Google Workspace and Google Sites:

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Apps Script Development for your Organisation

At we love to extend and develop custom apps, scripts and workflows for companies and organisations that use Google Workspace. If you need any bespoke development to extend the functionality of Google Workspace and Google Sites then see some of our services below.

Integrate Google Apps Script with Google Workspace

Extend the functionality of your favourite Google and Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, and Drive with Google Apps Script. Google offers this rapid application development platform so we can quickly and efficiently create business applications that integrate with Google Workspace. The JavaScript based code has access to built-in libraries for Google Workspace and can connect to third-party APIs all running on Google's servers.

Need Google Apps Script Development?

If you need any bespoke development or extra functionality for Google Workspace then let our Google Apps Script developers know.

Searchable Google Workspace User/Staff/Employee Directory

Google Workspace Directory - Features

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Personal data never leaves Google Workspace

  • Search by: name; email address; department; location; job title and more

  • Filter by organisation (OU)

  • Sort and order by results

Searchable Student Directory
and Class Chart Solution

Student profile showing class membership by an org chart

Steegle People for Education - Features

  • Automatic organization chart showing class membership and tutors

  • Display multiple classes for all the classes the student or tutor is a member of

  • Search by: name; email address; department; location; job title; skills and more

  • Sort and order by results

Document Management and Workflows

Document Management and Workflow - Features

  • Custom Metadata searchable in Google Drive API

  • Multiple authorisation and approval steps

  • Email notifications with call-to-action

  • Automated activity and time-based reminders

  • Documents Published to Team Drives

Purchase Order Tracking System

Purchase Order Tracking System - Features

  • Purchase order status and action Drive interface

  • Track purchase order progres

  • Email notifications to verify and authorise

  • Report on bottlenecks and slow-to-act parties

  • All documents stored in Google Sheets and Drive

Document Automation, Creation and Publishing

Document Automation - Features

  • Generate Documents from various input sources

  • Automate document creation for efficiency

  • Appropriately share and publish documents

  • Automatic filing in appropriate folders

  • Export to various formats, e.g. PDF, XLSX

Google Drive Gadget

Google Drive Embed Gadget - Features

  • Embed anywhere via an iframe

  • Search embedded folder or Team Drive

  • Navigate folders with the gadget

  • Sort by name, last modified or creation date

  • Mobile responsive design

  • Use publicly with no sign in required

Something else?

Do you have a specific requirement that could met by Google Apps Script? If so get in touch with us and one of our Apps Script developers will contact you to get more details about your needs and situation to work wit you.