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Searchable G Suite directory and people finder with automatic org charts and real-time search results from your G Suite user information.

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Find your colleagues and coworkers quickly and easily with an automatic organisation chart

GAITOR G Suite Directory works with G Suite

Searchable G Suite User/Staff/Employee Directory

for Google Sites intranets and mobile web using GAITOR™

Many organisations need to find their employees quickly and easily from their intranets and mobile devices. GAITOR™ people finder is a G Suite domain search tool that gives a friendly and easy-to-use interface to search and filter for employees, staff, coworkers and colleagues based on the information you already have in your G Suite user directory. The GAITOR™ G Suite Directory now provides automatic organisation charts. If you do not want to use the G Suite user information GAITOR™ can use another source like a Google Sheet instead.

Automatic Organisation Charts

GAITOR™ G Suite Directory uses the manager relationship field in G Suite to automatically generate an organization chart for your direct colleagues or the full organisation if required. This means you do not need to use another tool to see your organisational structure and can use the information your G Suite Directory already provides.

GDPR Compliant

Unlike other directory tools GAITOR™ G Suite Directory runs within your G Suite environment and searches the G Suite directory directly, so no information is shared outside of G Suite and no third-party tool has access to your personally identifiable data. This means you do not need any further data sharing or processing agreements as none of your employee personal information is shared outside of G Suite.

GAITOR™ G Suite Directory - Feature Demonstration Video

Client Case Study

National Charity

A large national charity approached Steegle to provide the G Suite Contacts Directory as their previous people finder had changed licencing model and become prohibitively expensive for a nonprofit. The charity is based in the UK so needed to comply with the EU's new GDPR legislation.

GAITOR from Steegle made a perfect fit for the charity as all of the personal data is kept within the charity's G Suite and is not synced to a third-party solution. This data protection, and the customisations offered by Steegle to make a bespoke solution, helped the charity choose the GAITOR G Suite Directory above other competing products.

Find the people you need to contact | G Suite Directory

Features offered by GAITOR™ people finder G Suite Directory

Search G Suite Directory by name or email

Search by Name or Email

Enter part of a name or an email address to quickly discover the people you need to find in your G Suite Directory

Find your team in the G Suite Directory

Find your Teammates

Search for departments and teams with partial matching to your department or team names in your G Suite Directory

Locate the right office in the G Suite Directory

Locate the right Office

Discover the geographical location for your colleagues' or coworkers' office or basein your G Suite Directory

Automatic organisation charts from the G Suite Directory

Automatic Organisation Charts

Restrict your search for a particular organisational unit to help narrow your results in your G Suite Directory

Scalable and Adaptable to your needs| G Suite Directory

Customisations we can make to GAITOR™ G Suite Directory

Search by phone or mobile in the G Suite Directory

Search by Phone or Mobile

If you have the phone number find the person who called

Start a video call from the G Suite Directory

Start a Video call

Start a video call straight from the search results

Sort and order results in the G Suite Directory

Sort and Order Results

Change the order and sorting of directory search results

Customise your G Suite Directory

Specify your own needs

We can accommodate other features: let us know what you need

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