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Empowering Educators: Streamline Your Digital Experience with Steegle

Hello esteemed educators! We understand your time is precious, and creating a website from scratch might seem daunting. That's where Steegle steps in. We offer a wide range of templates specifically designed for educational needs, enabling you to craft an appealing and functional website effortlessly. As a token of our commitment, we provide a comprehensive template absolutely free of charge.

Should you seek a more automated, customized experience, our rebranded platform, Steegle.One, is the ideal solution. It comes equipped with built-in organizational charts, comprehensive employee profiles, shared calendars, and many other features, streamlining your digital experience. Embrace the Steegle advantage and transform your educational journey today.

Transform Your Educational Engagement with Our Versatile Google Sites Templates

Education templates from Google Sites (including a free one!)

Whether you're an educator, a school administrator, or an HR leader, our Google Sites Templates for Education are your comprehensive solution for creating a professional, user-friendly, and responsive website. These templates, thoughtfully designed and easy to navigate, ensure a consistent, seamless experience across all devices.

Our free template includes pages which you can adapt like: 

As a kickstart to your digital journey, we're offering our Rainbow Academy template free of charge. This versatile template is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the education sector, making it a tool to enhance your digital presence.  If you seek more specific solutions, you can also purchase our Silver Arrow High School or Silver Arrow College templates at an affordable price. These templates are automatically delivered after purchase for your convenience.

For those in search of a more comprehensive solution packed with features designed to boost productivity, we invite you to explore Steegle.One. Our full service  platform offers an automated, customized experience tailored to fulfil the diverse needs of the education sector, enhancing your digital presence like never before.

Elevate Your Educational Experience with Steegle.One's Innovative Features

In addition to our free and basic templates, Steegle also offers a more comprehensive solution for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions: Steegle.One. This groundbreaking platform, integrated with Google Workspace, enriches collaboration, productivity, and engagement in your educational environment.

Steegle.One provides an array of tools specifically tailored to meet your institutional needs, including customizable design features to ensure your platform aligns seamlessly with your unique brand identity. 

Key features of Steegle.One include:

Steegle People: A sophisticated employee directory that provides information about your colleagues, facilitating better communication and collaboration. With custom work and social attributes, and a smart search feature, finding the right person is quick and easy.

Steegle News: Stay up-to-date with this news management tool. Easily share news and updates with your educational community, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

Steegle Heroes: Celebrate the achievements of your educational community. This employee recognition tool allows you to highlight the accomplishments of faculty and students, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation.

Steegle Share: Library Function: Enhance resource sharing with this powerful tool. It connects elegantly with Google Drive, allowing for a sophisticated search function and an efficient way to share files and templates from a library.

Alongside our suite of productivity-enhancing tools, Steegle.One also offers customization to perfectly reflect your educational institution's brand guidelines or public website aesthetics. We understand the importance of maintaining a cohesive brand identity, and our expert team will ensure your platform aligns seamlessly with your unique brand.

In addition, we provide comprehensive training to ensure your institution can independently manage and update your site. Our training covers all features of Steegle.One, empowering your team with the knowledge to maximize the benefits of the platform and keep your site current.

Join the growing list of educational institutions elevating their digital presence with Steegle.One. We blend tailored design, comprehensive training, and innovative tools to create a platform that truly serves your needs. To explore more, visit our website at www.Stegle.One. Steegle.One - taking your educational institution's digital presence to new heights.

Google Sites Education Designs Gallery

Public Schools Alliance Intranet built on new Google Sites by the Steegle team.

Alliance Intranet built on Google Sites

Community District School Website designed with new Google Sites by Steegle team.

District School website built on Google Sites

Freshwater educational intranet template designed with new Google Sites by Steegle team.

Freshwater educational portal built on Google Sites


What are Google Sites templates?

Google Sites Templates are predesigned website layouts that serve as a foundation for building your own website. We provide a range of templates that are tailored to the requirements of educators.

These templates are designed to be adaptable, allowing you to incorporate your own content and tailor the website to meet your unique needs. Using a template can be a time and effort saver as you won't have to create a website design from the ground up. Instead, you can simply enter your content into the predetermined layout, much like a word document.

How to customise the Google Sites templates?

You can customise Google Sites Templates as they are created to be adaptable. This allows you to include your own content, themes and personalize the website to meet your specific needs. Custom theme on Google Sites makes this customisation easy for site editors.
For example replace pictures we use of buildings with your own buildings or locations.

How to share or collaborate Google Sites?

Is it possible to share or collaborate your Google Site with other users. You can collaborate with others in real-time on Google Sites, which makes it an excellent tool for group projects.

Do I need to learn anything to use the Google Sites?

No, Google Sites are easy to use and customise. You do not need to learn prior knowledge to get start using the Google Sites as it is a "no-code" platform. 

Where can I find more help on Google Sites?

You can also find faq's section on Google Sites at Steegle.

Can I create separate pages or sections for different classes or subjects on Google Sites?

Yes, Google Sites allows you to create separate pages for different deparments, classes or subjects, making it easier to navigate your site and access relevant materials.

As a principal or school head, how can I use Google Sites?

Google Sites can serve as a central platform to communicate with  staff,  and evernt parents and students to share school news and updates, highlight achievements, and publish important dates and events. You can also use it to share resources and information about the school curriculum, policies, and guidelines.

As a department head, how can I collaborate with my team using Google Sites?

Google Sites enables real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to edit and update the site simultaneously. This can be particularly useful for department heads working with team members in remote locations to maintain an up-to-date, relevant site.

What kinds of content can I include on my Google Site?

You can include a wide range of content, such as text, images, videos, slideshows, links to resources, downloadable files, forms, and more. You can also embed interactive content, such as quizzes or surveys.

I'm an IT Director at a school. How can Google Sites support our educational technology needs?

Google Sites can serve as an integral part of your school's digital infrastructure. It integrates seamlessly with other Google Workspace tools, like Google Drive, Docs, and Calendar. You can create portals for teachers, students, and parents, providing access to resources, support, and communication tools.

Can I control who views my Google Site?

Yes, Google Sites offers privacy settings that let you control who can view or edit your site. You can make your site public or restrict access to specific individuals, groups, or your school domain.

Article by Steegle Team

Lombard Elementary Implements Steegle Tools 

Lombard Elementary School District 44 using the Steegle.One tool for their staff directory.
Screenshot depicting the brand colours and integration of Steegle People for Lombard Elementary School District.

Located in DuPage County, Illinois, Lombard Elementary School District 44 confronted significant administrative overheads managing communication among its eight schools and over 500 educators. The main issue was the lack of readily updated contact details and employee profiles, which hindered effective communication.

The district, already leveraging Google Workspace, saw an opportunity to streamline these administrative processes with Steegle Tools. This tool, designed to seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace, facilitated the automatic generation of comprehensive staff directories and organizational charts.

The impact was immediate. With up-to-date information easily accessible, collaboration, networking, and resource allocation became more streamlined, significantly reducing the administrative burden. Moreover, while enhancing their operational efficiency, the district also benefited from Steegle's robust data privacy and security