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The Problem:

Google Workspace offers some of the best solutions for online document collaboration and file storage storage, via Google Docs, Google Drive and Team Drives. What Google Workspace lacks is a rigid and automated method to manage these documents and files.

How Steegle can help:

We've been approached by both small businesses and multinational enterprises to provide bespoke, custom document management solutions. We provide organisations the control over document workflows, authorisations, revision management and publishing, meeting the business needs and mission-critical goals.

The Solution:

At Steegle we want to help you solve the document management and workflow issues you could do without hassle of. We will meet with all the relevant stakeholders to define the scope of work and then collaborate to provide the solution. We usually take the following approach:

  • Listen - only until we have heard from you can we begin to fully understand what document management tasks you need to address;

  • Ideate - develop a friction-less solution to directly meet your document management and workflow needs;

  • Collaborate - constantly feedback to and work with your document management and workflow users to ensure suitability for your document environment

  • Deliver - provide increased efficiency and well-managed documents and workflows with ongoing support.

Client Case Study - Air Liquide

Air Liquide

Google Apps Script Document Management and Workflow

The Health and Safety department approached Steegle to develop a document management and workflow solution and latterly an incident reporting system. Air Liquide UK chose to use Steegle as we have previously provided an intranet, based in Google Sites, with appropriate staff training so a good working relationship was already in place. Due to Air Liquide's strict Google Workspace Marketplace app policy an off-the-shelf solution was not possible, so we needed to develop a bespoke solution using an internal service account that complied with the organisations policies.

We provided a Google Apps Script based solution that provided not only the back-end script to manage the documents and the authorisation workflow but also the front-end web app to embed in a Google site to give a management console, overview of the documents' status and portal to request changes to published documents. The script also merged all the relevant metadata from the documents into emails to get the appropriate team members to perform their action items.

Client feedback - don't just take our word for it!

Award-winning success!

We're thrilled that Air Liquide has found the document management and workflow solution we provided so effective. Air Liquide let us know that the projects we undertook with them won not one but two innovation awards! See Air Liquide's full feedback.

We look forward to continued collaboration with Air Liquide to provide enhancements and updates to the health and safety policy and procedure management system and the incident reporting facility in the near future.