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Verify, authorised and track purchase orders with Google Apps Script

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The Problem:

Google Workspace makes creating and storing document and spreadsheets for all kinds of purposes extremely easy through Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Drive. Some documents, like purchase orders require verification, authorisation, tracking and actions performed on them and Google Drive does not provide any way to do this out of the box

How Steegle can help:

We've been approached by organisations that use Google Workspace to provide purchase order systems that meet their specific buying requirements. Steegle can provide your company a robust and scalable solution to track your purchase orders.

The Solution:

At Steegle we want to help you track your purchase orders so you can see a clear picture of where there may be bottlenecks and mitigate them. We will meet with all the relevant team members to define the most appropriate purchase order workflow and then iteratively collaborate to focus on the right solution for your finance teams. Here's the standard Steegle approach:

  • Listen - only until we have heard from you can we begin to fully understand what purchase orders you need to track and the milestones you need to achieve;

  • Ideate - develop a purchase order system that provides a light as possible touch from your finance department;

  • Collaborate - constantly feedback to and work with your finance team and other stakeholders to ensure suitability for your purchase order system

  • Deliver - provide an intuitive and efficient purchase order system with ongoing support.

Client Case Study - Racing Post

Google Apps Script Purchase Order System

The Enterprise IT department approached Steegle to develop a purchase order authorisation and tracking solution. Racing Post chose to use Steegle as we have previously provided an intranet, based in Google Sites, Google Workspace health check and consultancy so a good working relationship was already in place. Racing Post already used Google Workspace and the purchase orders were stored in Google Drive as Google Sheets. We needed to develop a verification and authorization workflow that looked at the purchase orders' details (e.g. monetary value, and OPEX/CAPEX budget) to direct to the correct team members to action.

We provided a Google Apps Script based purchase order system that provided not only the back-end script to manage the purchase order workflow but also the front-end web app to embed in the intranet to give an overview of the purchase orders' status and actions. The script also recorded the whole life cycle of the purchase orders and create reports on progress and bottlenecks.

Client feedback - don't just take our word for it!

Benefit from Steegle's knowledge of Google Apps Scripts and Google Workspace

It's fantastic to see Racing post has found the purchase order system we provided such a time saver. Racing Post let us know that the purchase order system has allowed them to produce reports across the whole Finance department, removing its reliance on Microsoft Excel. See Racing Post's full feedback.

We look forward to supporting with Racing Post with Google Apps Script and Google Workspace and providing any enhancements to the purchase ordering system.