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Virtual Data Room

Secure shared storage facility for commercially sensitive business transactions, powered by Google Workspace

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DocQusitive - Virtual Data Room (VDR)

If you are involved in commercially sensitive deals on transactions like M&A (say buying or selling a company or assets), a virtual data room (VDR) facility will make your life simpler. Steegle DocQuistive provides a Google-technology- secured VDR that meets your exact business requirements.

Staying ahead of the security curve with Google Workspace

Google leads the way to enable perfect forward secrecy, which encrypts content as it moves between Google's servers and servers of other companies. This ensures that your content is safe not only when it move between your devices and Google Workspace's servers, but also as your content moves internally within Google.

Interested in DocQusitive the Steegle Virtual Data Room?

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DocQusitive VDR Features

  • Integration - Google Workspace native integration. Streamline collaboration if you’re using Google applications. This lets you share files externally and internally without impediments.If you are already a Google Workspace user uploading and managing documents is trivial.

  • Speed - Based on the fastest cloud technology in the world. Instantly integrates into your business infrastructure via the web.

  • Search - Google CloudSearch capabilities are second to none: search across all documents or particular folder.

  • Pricing - Cost effective compared to traditional virtual data room systems.

  • Flexibility - store any type of file video, audio, Microsoft Office, PDF and specialist files like 3D drawings.

FAQ's DocQusitive Virtual Data Room for Google Workspace

Can I time limit access the files?

Depending on how you shared the files yes you can apply a time limit on their access or we can script that for you?

How to 3rd parties get access?

Generally you will issue the third party with a Google workspace account on your domain. This may be free (using a cloud identity account option) or a paid for Google Workspace account.

Alternatively you could allow them to access your file portal using their own personal Gmail accounts or corporate Google workspace accounts. Most clients prefer the former approach because the account will be fully in control.

What is the price?

The solution cost is approximately $5000 per annum plus Google Site and implmentation costs. (c.$1000). The latter provides and authentication portal, and enrollment page and a page to access the VDR repository. Generally speaking your own IT team will configure redirect access e.g. to teh specially created Google Site

Can you prevent printing and download of files?

Yes, that is possible

What is the maximum number of third-party users that can access the DocQusitive system

We allow up to 250 users to access the system. Above 250 for the charges may apply

How long does it take to install/implement?

Normal turnaround time is one week or less.