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What is a Virtual Data Room and What Should You Include?

Not sure if you should get a Virtual Data Room? Get to know the benefits and what you should include.

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A virtual data room or VDR is a secured online storage space where organizations store company information for due diligence. 

This is commonly used by companies when they are working on a project, merging, or other joint ventures that require access to shared data. Many companies use VDRs because it is more secure and there is no risk of data being lost or destroyed accidentally.

For example, when a company wants to buy a business, this information will help investors ensure that everything is in order. The information in the VDS includes what the investors may need. Moreover, a virtual data room makes communication easier.

Steegle DocQuisitive Features

Steegle sells a cuztomizable DocQuisitive VDR software which is  powered by Google Technology. This ensures that your content is safe as it moves between your devices and Google Workspace’s servers.


Steegle DocQuisitive is based on the fastest cloud technology in the world. Instantly integrate into your business infrastructure via the web.


As we all know, Google Cloud Search capabilities are second to none. With the easy-to-use search features, you can search across folders or documents to get the information you need. 


You can securely store any files such as audio, video, PDF, Microsoft Office, and special files like 3D drawings. 


If you’re using Google Workspace, you can streamline collaboration and share sensitive information internally and externally without impediments. 


Google has strict security measures. Encrypt content as it moves between Google's servers and servers of other companies. 


Compared to other virtual room systems, Steegle DocQuisitive is more cost-effective.

Benefits of a Virtual Data Room

Most startup founders doubt they need a VDR because it comes with a cost. But with the added cost, comes an added value. Some VCs and founders also believe that without having a VDR they are less likely to get involved with the business or if they are engaged it will slow down the process. 

What are the benefits of a virtual data room for your organization? Here are some of the important benefits:

Faster Fundraising

A virtual data room can easily be accessed by many organizations. Thus, it can make the fundraising process faster. However, some people believe that it works the opposite way. Let’s just put it this way, if your virtual data room is organized and contains clear information, it helps speed up the fundraising process.


Properly managing your company’s data results in an organized virtual data room. Going through your data will help you learn more about your company which readies you for more fundraising opportunities. Investing in a VDR will help simplify secured file sharing.

Due Diligence Process

Due diligence process is when investors study your company at an early stage. They can tell whether your company is worth investing in or not.

As we all know, this could be a time-consuming process but a virtual data room helps speed up the process. A VDR includes all relevant information and investors can find what they need faster. Additionally, a secured VDR won’t compromise your data.

What Should Be Included in a Virtual Data Room?

The information you put in your virtual data room is important. But, you have to remember that some investors won’t appreciate it if you bombard them with too much information. On the other hand, little information may look like you aren’t prepared.

So, here are some suggestions on what you should include in your virtual data room:

2. Financial Documents

3. Employees

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Choosing a Virtual Data Room Software

Now that you know the benefits and what you should include in your VDR, the next step is to determine which software you should choose to create a virtual data room. 

If you were to create a physical data room, your top considerations should be security and strict access procedures, right?

The same goes for a Virtual Data Room. There are different software out there that could provide you with a secure virtual data room such as Google Workspace and Dropbox. Another aspect you should consider is the support team. It’s important for you to know how they can handle issues such as permissions and access.

Security and privacy are the most important. After all, a virtual data room includes important company data.

Steegle will build you an intranet to put your virtual data room

Common Virtual Data Room Software 

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