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Site Info and Contact Form Settings - new Google Sites

Show or hide the date and time a page was last updated in new Google Sites


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Alter Site Info Settings - Google Sites

  1. Use the Settings (looks like a cog/gear) near the Publish button.

  2. Choose the Viewer tools option.

  3. In the Info icon section use the slider to enable/disable the options for:

    • Show page last updated time

    • Show contact form (only available for Google Workspace)

  4. Close the Settings dialogue box.

  5. Use the Publish button to hide the anchor links (header links) on the live site.


  • The info shows the date or time of the latest update to the page you view, not the site in general.

  • This now removes the "created using the new Google sites" strapline from the footer.

  • The Report Abuse link is now hidden in this site info.

  • If you are signed in as a Google Workspace admin you get offered the Admin link to get the Site Details (Site owner and request access).

  • If you choose to Show contact form this is only available to Google Workspace based new Google Sites, at the published URL, when the viewer is signed in a an account.

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