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Insert HTML, JavaScript and CSS - new Google Sites

Embed your own custom code to add Twitter Timelines, Newsletter sign up forms and more


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Insert HTML, JS & CSS - Embed Code

  1. On the Insert panel use the Embed option

  2. Choose the EMBED CODE tab

  3. Type or paste the custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS into the code box

  4. Use the NEXT button to preview how your code will look

  5. Use the INSERT button to add the code to the page


  • If you do not see the preview you expect use the Edit code button (looks like a pencil) that overlays the preview and edit the code to correct the issue

  • Embedded code does not get indexed in the site search

  • Sites displays the embedded code in an iframe so if the code tries to get the URL of the page it will get the iframe URL, not the site's page URL.


The embed code feature is on a 15 day rollout for G Suite domains on rapid release and if you're on scheduled release the 15 day rollout will start on 02 January 2018.

Important note: this feature is far better than HTML Box in classic Google Sites as it is less restrictive and you can reference external JavaScript and CSS files, so you can embed things like Twitter Timelines and use custom fonts.

Need some custom code developed for your Google Site?

Steegle has developed all kinds of custom code for new Google Sites: many of our clients enjoy using the Google Drive Gadget to provide an embedded and searchable My Drive folder or Team Drive in their Google Site. If you need something like this contact Steegle, the Google Sites Experts.

Sample Embedded Code

MailChimp Signup Form

Facebook Like and Share Buttons

Twitter Timeline

Disqus Commenting

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