Apps Script Development

Google Apps Script development for Google Workspace and Google Sites

Google Cloud Partner

Extend Google Workspace with a Google Partner

People Employee Directory

Find your colleagues and coworkers quickly and easily embedded in Google Sites or mobile web by name, email address department or location, all stored in the Google Workspace user information - See Steegle People

Share Document Management

Add custom, searchable metadata to your Google Drive files and folders and give multiple authorisation and approval steps, via email and automatic activity and time-based reminders.

Document Automation

Automate document creation from user input and to save time, appropriately share and publish documents depending on the document content and automatically store in the appropriate folder.

Purchase Order System

Track your purchase orders made as Google Documents and Google Sheets and stored in Google Drive. Produce reports for the purchase order process to reveal activity and bottlenecks.

Google Drive Gadget

Embed a Google Drive folder or Team Drive in a Google Site or any other website using an iframe. Choose which columns to display and sort by and display content publicly with no sign in required.

Gadgets & Scripts

If you need to extend the functionality of your intranet or website we provide custom gadgets and bespoke scripts. These tools are tailored to your organisation's specific requirements and needs

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