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Add Custom Domain (Personal) - new Google Sites

How to add a custom domain URL web address to a new Google Site made with a Gmail or personal Google Account

If you made your site with a Google Workspace account see Map Domain Web Address Google Workspace.
Using GoDaddy? See: Assign a GoDaddy Domain as a Custom URL


Assign a Custom Domain (URL)

1. Publish your Site Publicly

Your custom domain URL will not work unless your site is published and shared with the public. For full instructions see Sharing and Publishing

2. Verify domain ownership - Search Console

3. Add DNS Records with your domain provider

4. Assign the custom URL to a new Google Site

5. Check the published site's sharing settings are set to public

If your site redirects to the URL or asks visitors to sign in then your published site's sharing settings  are not set to public - here is how to make your new Google Site public to anyone on the internet:  

If you can't see the Public option for the Published site then the most likely scenario is you use Google Workspace and your Google Workspace admin has restricted public sharing - you need to talk to your Google Workspace admin on how to change this - see Set Drive users' sharing permissions.

If you do want your site to be private then the custom URL will always redirect to the URL - this is by design.

Screenshots - Assign Custom URL

Verify domain ownership - Google Search Console

Assign custom URL - Personal new Google Site

Settings button - new Google Sites
Assign a custom URL using your own domain to a new Google Site

Set the published site to public

Set the Published site's link to public

Extra Info - Custom URL - Google Sites



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