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Add Custom Domain (Personal) - new Google Sites

How to add a custom domain URL web address to a new Google Site made with a Gmail or personal Google Account

If you made your site with a Google Workspace account see Map Domain Web Address Google Workspace.
Using GoDaddy? See: Assign a GoDaddy Domain as a Custom URL.


Assign a Custom URL (domain)

1. Publish your Site Publicly

Your custom domain URL will not work unless your site is published and shared with the public. For full instructions see Sharing and Publishing

2. Verify domain ownership - Search Console

  1. Go to the Google Search Console and Add property

  2. In the Domain option (not URL Prefix) add the top-level domain, sometimes called the naked domain, without http:// or https:// prefixed to it (e.g. your site cannot use this address but you need to verify ownership of this entire domain.

  3. Use the Instructions for: Any DNS Provider. Copy the TXT record that Google Search Console gives you as a value to add to your DNS records.

3. Add DNS Records with your domain provider

  1. These are the DNS records you need to add to make the custom URL point to your personal Google Site:

    • Add a TXT record with a name/host/subdomain (whatever term your domain provider uses) of @ and the value/data/target use the text string copied from Google Search Console mentioned above

    • Add a CNAME record with a name/host/subdomain of www (or whatever subdomain you want to use) that points to
      for Cloudflare users: use the 'DNS only' option, not 'proxied'

    • If your domain provider lets you redirect your naked domain to the subdomain address (e.g. make redirect to then configure that

    • If you use Google Domains you can use its Synthetic records to get both your http:// and https:// top-level domain redirected as demonstrated in our full-screen video at 6:40.

    • If you want both your http and your https top=level/naked domain to redirect to your www address then you can use a third-party service, like NakedSSL, for this.

    • Alternatively add an A record of @ (or your naked domain) that points to (a free service from

  2. Once the top-level domain is verified (may take hours depending on how quickly your domain name provider updates its public DNS records) you can then add a subdomain of your domain as a custom URL to your new Google Site: follow the steps below to make this custom URL web address mapping.

4. Assign the custom URL to a new Google Site

  1. Use the Settings (looks like a cog/gear) near the Publish button

  2. Choose the Custom URLs option

  3. In the box labeled enter your domain with www. prefixed to it, e.g.

  4. Close the Settings dialogue box.

  5. Once assigned it takes Google a little time to configure everything for your site at the back-end and the site will appear at the custom URL (provided you have published the site).

5. Check the published site's sharing settings are set to public

If your site redirects to the URL or asks visitors to sign in then your published site's sharing settings are not set to public - here is how to make your new Google Site public to anyone on the internet:

  1. Open your new Google Site for editing

  2. Use the Share with others button (looks like a person with a + )

  3. In the Links section use the Change... link

  4. For the Published site link choose the Public option and use the Done button.

If you can't see the Public option for the Published site then the most likely scenario is you use Google Workspace and your Google Workspace admin has restricted public sharing - you need to talk to your Google Workspace admin on how to change this - see Set Drive users' sharing permissions.

If you do want your site to be private then the custom URL will always redirect to the URL - this is by design.

Screenshots - Assign Custom URL

Verify domain ownership - Google Search Console

Assign custom URL - Personal new Google Site

Settings button - new Google Sites
Assign a custom URL using your own domain to a new Google Site

Set the published site to public

Set the Published site's link to public

Extra Info - Custom URL - Google Sites


  • Make your new Google Site appear at your own domain (up to 5 custom URLs are allowed)

  • Traffic to your site is secured via SSL (https) without any further configuration

  • If you have published the site to only a specific group of people the custom URL will redirect to the URL (see step 4 above - Check the published site's sharing settings are set to public)


  • You must verify DOMAIN ownership (e.g. NOT your URL

  • You cannot use the top-level (naked) domain (e.g. as your domain provider will not allow you to make the root-level DNS record a CNAME record, so you must use a subdomain (e.g.

  • If you made your site with a Google Workspace account see Map Domain Web Address Google Workspace and you will need your Google Workspace admin to help.

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