HRSphere Pink HR Portal template is designed by Steegle for your company's HR needs. It comes with all the necessary features to make your HR Portal work smoothly.

HRSphere Blue
HR Portal Template

HR Portal DIY Template

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How does it work?

Template Screenshots

Employees Directory page includes all the contact details of employees, offices and other emergency contact details as per the need of the organisation in the HR Portal  HRSphere Blue.

Employee Directory

Company events and alerts updates on the Event page of in the HR Portal HRSphere Blue.


Feedback & Suggestions page is a platform for employees to provide input, ideas, and constructive feedback to improve the company in the HR Portal.

Feedback & Suggestions

Employee Resource Group page is a space for employees with shared interests or backgrounds to collaborate, network, and support each other in the HR Portal.

Employee Resource Group

 Benefits Information page is where employee can access to information about employee benefits in HR Portal.


Job Postings page is a section for current job openings and career opportunities within the HR Portal.

Job Posting

Information about the company goals, mission, vision and values on the About page of HR Portal HRSphere Blue.


Welcome to your HR portal page guides new employees and welcomes them through the essentials and provides them with the tools they may need to excel.

Welcome to Your Portal

HR Polices and Procedures files are saved under the policy page in HR Portal HRSphere Blue.

HR Policies & Procedures

Performance Review page is a platform for employee performance assessment and feedback in HR Portal.

Performance Review

Contact Us page is where employees can reach out to the HR department for assistance, inquiries, and support in the HR Portal.

Contact Us

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