Varsity Basic Intranet homepage template designed by Steegle team for basic intranet users. Its free to download and use for small organisations.

How does it work?

Varsity Basic

Intranet DIY Template

Need customisation?

We can provide additional customisation and enhancements like pictures and icons according to your branding requirements. Contact us for further information.

Template Screenshots

This is a Resources and Policies page template on Varsity Intranet. You can use this template to quickly find all your polcies and resources docs at one place.

Resources and Policies

News template page on the Varsity Intranet Tempalte.


This is a Company Information page template on Varsity Intranet. This page covers the copany mission, vision and values. This can also include all other information about your company at one place.

Company Information

Telephone Directory template includes all the contact details of employess, offices and other emergency contact details as per the need of the organisation.

Telephone Directory

FAQs page template on the Varsity Intranet Tempalte.