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Visitor Comments - Google Form and Sheet

One of the most frequently asked questions about new Google Sites is "How can we add viewer comments to our site?". This article demonstrates how to use a Google Form to capture the comments and a Google Sheet to display them.

A better approach is to use Disqus to add visitor comments - see full instructions at Insert Disqus - New Google Sites


  • On the form add the fields you want, e.g. Name, Comment and anything else you want. You can make fields required, if necessary and change the form colour.

  • On the Responses tab choose to Create spreadsheet, name the spreadsheet as required and use the Create button

Create Google Form - Comments - New Google Sites

Add a Second Sheet to sort the Comments

  • The form adds the data to the sheet at the next available row of the spreadsheet (furthest down the spreadsheet).

  • If you want to display the newest comment first make a new sheet and add the headings from the original sheet, then in the next row use the SORT() function to display the columns in descending date order. In this example we used this formula:

=Sort('Form responses 1'!A2:C,1,FALSE)

Second sheet for sorting - Comments - New Google Sites

Embed the Google Form in the Site

  • Go to the page where you would like the form to appear and use the Insert panel on the right and choose Forms.

  • From the list of forms (your most recently edited form should appear first) choose the correct form.

Embed Google Form - Comments - New Google Sites

Embed the Google Sheet in the Site

  • At the same page embed the Google Sheet in your preferred location, use the Insert panel and then Sheets.

  • If you added a sheet to sort the comments to newest first then open the embedded sheet's settings (use the button that looks like a cog/gear) and choose your sorted sheet as the default sheet to display.

Embed Google Sheet - Comments - New Google Sites

You're done!

Test the form and you should see the comment you made. There can be a delay for the form data to arrive in the sheet and then a further delay for Google to update the published sheet for the public.


Please let us know if this article helped or if you know of of any improvements.

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