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Text in Columns- new Google Sites

Align text tiles into columns and use the guides to centre them

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Make Columns of Text

  1. Simply add the text tiles from the double-click disc or the right panel

  2. By default the text till will take the full-width of the section, if empty, and if not empty will be as wide as whatever is left in the section

  3. Use the grab handles (dots) on the outline of the text tile to resize and when resizing you can see the grey guide lines of the 12 columns which the width will snap to. If you want the tile to take half the width of the page then drag to 6 of the gud columns

  4. To centre a tile in a section drag one of the sides to number of columns you want to have it away from the edge of the section, then drag the other side of the tile and when you get to the same number of columns the blue spacing guides will appear to show you've dragged the same distance.

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