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Text - new Google Sites

Add, format and layout text in new Google Sites


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Text - Capabilities

  • Pasted text retains formatting that Google Sites offers
  • Style text as Title, Heading, Subheading and Normal text
  • Align text to left, right, centred and justified
  • Link to other pages or web addresses (URLs)
  • Make bold, italicise, numbered and bulleted lists
  • Use a code font (monospaced), strikethrough and clear formatting

Text - Limitations

  • Extremely limited font and colour control in Themes
  • No size control (other than picking title/heading etc)
  • Cannot bold or italicise titles, headings or subheadings
  • No new line ability (Shift+Enter)
  • No flow or vertical height control
  • Images cannot exist in a text box

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