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1-11 So how did it all start at Google?
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The glorious history of Google

starts with two students Larry Page 23 and Sergey Brin 24, who were pursuing their Ph.D. at Stanford University, when they got the idea to create a new search engine. Supposedly, Larry Page and Sergey Brin did not like each other initially. They thought they have nothing in common, but with time they learned life lessons together, they went on to become best friends for life. This was perhaps a rather strange way of starting a venture as big as Google.

The biggest irony of Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s life is:

that there original goal for these two enthusiastic PH.D. Students was to to sell their Google search idea for $1 million to whoever was willing to purchase it. However, luckily for them (and us?), nobody turned up ...

Did you know that Google was originally named Googol?

The name failed when Larry Page and Sergey Brin received their first $100,000 paycheck in the name of Google Inc. and they had to run and create a bank account for the name, so that they could cash it. Therefore, the naming ceremony was nothing but an accident.

Google started its hiring process by recruiting Craig Silverstein

as their first employee, without their current sophisticated HR team. Craig was Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s fellow student at Stanford. (Craig was third employee of Google. He has now resigned from Google and has joined Khan Academy, an online learning site offering collaborative videos and projects.)

The famous of today was once and, when it was in the testing phase and was working under the website of Stanford university.

In the year 1997, Yahoo rejected an offer to buy Google for

$1 million and now the company is worth $20 billion, whereas Google has grown up to $200 Billion. This is perhaps one of the most interesting financial losses of the IT industry. (see: google current share price)

By December 1998, Google was named

the search engine of choice in the Top 100 Web Sites, as shown by PC Magazine.

In the February of 1999, the Google Company

moved out of its garage office to its first mountain-view office, with just eight employees. This number is incomparable to the current staff size of Google.

Lego Computers: It is hard to believe that

there was a time when the founders of Google were short on funds and used economic ways to save money. The very first Google’s storage rack that stored ten 40 GB hard disks was made up of Lego. Can you believe that the most royal company of the modern times had such a humble start? More info

Why is Google is sometimes nicknamed the “Mountain View Chocolate Factory”.

That's not because its gives its employees lot of chocolates (although it does) it is used as a comparison of Google to Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory - because of a similarity in the cultures of Wonka’s factory and the Googleplex who both employ slightly strange eccentric but dedicated “engineers”.

1-11 So how did it all start at Google?
36-69 Random Facts about the Google Chocolate Factory