Google 101 Facts

76-101 Google’s Amazing Work Culture

Google showers its employees with 

unique perks. There was a time when they provided a subsidy of $5000 for purchasing a hybrid car in order to inspire their employees to use cleaner and greener technologies.

Google provides a complete 

Gourmet meal, 3 times a day, to its employees. Some people claim the food is better than a 5 star restaurant (but having eaten there we don't but its not bad..).

Google believes that its employees should not have to 

go more than 150 feet for food. Therefore, it has food stations placed everywhere within the 150 feet for the employees

Google has a real job profile named 

“Chief Cultural Officer” who is responsible to retain Google’s cultures like no hierarchy, happy employees, and a flat organization.

A Google employee is named a 

“Googler” and a new employee is given the name of “Noogler”. 

The Googlers at the California office do not like lawn mowers and prefer 

goats to come and clean their lawns. They really love the cute quotient of this live lawn mower. 

Google is a dog friendly company that 

allows its employees to bring their well-behaved canines to office with them.

Google loves the environment so it formed

Google Green that is dedicated towards developing renewable energy supplies.

Google encourages its engineers to spend 

20% of their time on ideas of their own. Google has many products that came out of this 20% idea. . This program was started in the early days of the company and has been credited with leading to the creation of several key Google products, including Gmail and Google News. The 20% time program gives Google employees the freedom to explore and pursue their own ideas, as long as they are not directly conflicting with the company's goals and objectives. The program has been highly successful in fostering innovation and creativity within the company, and has helped to maintain a culture of experimentation and risk-taking. While the exact details of the 20% time program have changed over the years, the basic principle of allowing employees to spend a portion of their time on self-generated projects remains in place. This has helped to make Google one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world, and has helped it to maintain its position as a leader in the technology industry.

Googlers can ride company provided 

bicycles around the Googleplex. Google makes sure its employees do not have to walk through their huge campuses, and that they use greener technologies.

Why is Google is sometimes nicknamed the “Mountain View Chocolate Factory”.

That's not because its gives its employees lot of chocolates (although it does). It is used as a comparison of Google to Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, because of a similarity in the cultures of Wonka’s factory and the Googleplex who both employ slightly strange eccentric but dedicated “engineers”.

Google provides on-site 

physicians and nurses, who make sure the employees do not have to leave the campus for medical checkups. Google believes that happy and healthy employees are the best employees.

Google provides its employees with 

comprehensive health coverage that also covers their families’ health care requirements. Google understands the importance of family and does everything to make sure they are taken care of.

Google employees and their families are covered by 

travel insurance, even on their personal vacations. Hence, no matter where you go, if you are a Googler, you are insured.

Google employees get special perks and breaks when 

they are expecting a baby or getting married. Google India for example it offers a baby bonding benefit of around $250 to young mothers soon after the child is delivered, quite unusual in a country like India.

Googlers can request to work anywhere for a 

change of mood. They do not have to go and sit in their cubicles every day. It is a pleasure being a Googler.

Google offers 

$6,000 for when an employee provides a successful referral. It’s a win-win situation.

On 2007’s April fool’s day, the employees of the Google New York office actually lost 

and found a real snake in the middle of a prank. Celebrating April fool’s day at Google is a tradition. Google is known to play practical pranks that have left people around the world spellbound on many occasions.

Google used cofounder, Stephen Hind, to 

present a webinar on how to use Google Sites broadcast from the Google UK Headquarters - see Google Sites Webinar.

Google does not provide direct support for its free products and instead runs

the Google Top Contributor programme, a collection of volunteers who provide the most active and knowledgeable answers you'll find in Google’s Help Forums.  Here at we employ and gather contributions from Google Top Contributors for the content of the site.

Google provides certification programmes for 

its partners and individuals to show their expertise in Google products.  Here at we have achieved Google Apps Authorised Reseller status and we employ various experts including Google Apps Certified Deployment and Sales specialists, Google Apps Certified Administrators and we're working towards other Google certifications too.

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Google like charitable work so made to develop technologies to help address global challenges and supports innovative partners through grants, investments and in-kind resources.  

The best way to ranked number 1 on a Google Search is to

bribe several Google employees, but since Google has so many check and balances in their search technology not even this would work.  The real way to get ranked well is to have unique, original content that other sites want to link to - simples!