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Why Naming Your Intranet is Important for Employee Adoption

Before you launch your digital workspace, Employee Experience Platform (EXP), or also known as intranet, you should consider giving it a name that will be relevant to your company and culture in just a word or two. By choosing a relevant name, you will be able to optimize internet communication in your intranet and drive business and employee engagement and give a "fun" handle to your company knowledge management resource.

We understand that naming an intranet can seem daunting. That’s why, in this article, we will give you insights on how you can come up with a good intranet name.

Why You Need a Good Intranet Name

Your branding is an important aspect of a company or business and an intranet name is no exception. A good intranet name contributes to the success and accomplishments of your company.

For instance, more than 80% of consumers prefer to purchase goods and services based on the company’s name. A brand name plays an important role in their growth, quality, and perception.

This also applies to your intranet name. It’s important to have an intranet name that will make your company stand out. Internal branding builds and strengthens trust. Some companies stick to common intranet names like “[Company Name] Hub”, which is not a bad thing. However, having a personalized intranet name comes with lots of benefits.

The real question is, where do you start? How can you come up with a good intranet name?

The Nielsen Norman Group philosophy suggests that the name of your company intranet and it’s logo should be considered as key elements when naming and identifying your intranet.

Improving Internal Communication and Collaboration

Employees will have access to communication tools such as instant messaging, email, video, and voice calls. This will help speed up their communication with colleagues to relay vital information.

Having better communication improves collaboration among colleagues. Some quality intranets can allow team members to work on the same document at the same time.

Increases Productivity

An intranet has all the tools and information your employees need. It will reduce the time needed to look for certain information and send emails. Giving your employees everything they need in one platform improves their disposition.

Easier to Find Employees

Are you having a hard time manually looking up your employees’ information? With an intranet, you can easily search for employees and you will be able to see their full name, job title, department, and other personal information.

4 Common Types of Intranet Portal Names

Product or Industry-Oriented Names

While most companies use their mission and vision to be known by their customers, why not translate your product or service into something as powerful?

For example, if you’re selling cars, think of a name or branding that will be dynamic and represent your product or industry. If you’re in an insurance industry, find a name that easily translates to security and trust because you want your customers to feel that when they avail your services.

People-Focused Names

Who are your employees? What are their interests?

This type of intranet branding is more of a social approach to fit the lifestyle of your employees. Getting inspiration from your employees is a creative way to come-up with a name that matches their motivation and energy. e.g.

  • People Spot

  • Team Den

Objectives-Oriented Names

What is the purpose of your intranet? How will your employees use it?

Those are just some of the questions to answer when you're naming your intranet based on your objectives. e.g.:

  • Ideas Exchange

Internally-Oriented Names

What is your company’s nature? Does your company hold a strong value and culture?

Your company’s values can be an integral part of your branding name. Choosing an intranet name that represents your industry, goals, and employees is a good way to start!

  • e.g. For an agro chemical business you might call it "the Shed" a food company "The Larger" or Sports "Changing Room

Tips on Naming an Intranet

Although your intranet is different from your external brand, there should be a connection between the two. To kick start your naming process, consider the following tips on how to choose the best intranet name for your company.

Use an Acronym

To keep an intranet name simple yet catchy, some companies use acronyms. You can also pick a name using your company’s initials.

Company Symbols

If your company has logos or icons, you can use that to come up with a good intranet branding. This way, it also reflects your company culture, goals, and objectives

Keep It Simple

Your intranet portal will be used by your employees everyday. Long and complicated names can be confusing and hard to remember. Keep it at a minimum of two words. Just keep everything simple, easy to spell and remember. It should also be catchy.

It Should Be Multicultural

Are you operating in a multinational corporation?

Another vital element to consider is the internationalization level of your company. You may need to take into consideration the language and cultural differences. Make sure that your intranet name is easy to pronounce in all languages.

Get Your Employees Involved

Brainstorm with your employees. Having your employees involved in naming your intranet can be exciting! You can organize naming contests then have them answer a poll to vote their choices. But, make sure to give your employees some guidelines first to avoid unusual name suggestions.

By involving your employees, you will be able to gather great ideas as a team and finish the naming process quicker.

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Company Values

You can use your company’s internal value or tagline as an inspiration too. If your company has popular slogans or taglines, use it to your advantage! Integrating internal values creates a more unified working environment. Using your values will establish brand identity.

Avoid "Too Techy" Names

Well, techy names are cool at first. Avoid using names such as “Intranet PP2D”, “Intranet 3.0”, etc. These kind intranet names can cause decline in platform usage and adoption rate.

Use an Intranet Business Name Generator

If you want a wide variety of options, you can try using an intranet name generator. These are free websites wherein you will input your company name and a list of acceptable names will appear. However, when using name generators, you might get generic names.

Play With Your Company Name

Consider your company’s name and try to morph it into an intranet name. Popular brands such as Adidas call their intranet “Adiweb”. Similarly, Pfizer calls their intranet “PfizerWorld”.

Mascot or Character

A fun way to make your employees remember your intranet name is by creating a character or mascot that represents the employee experience. You can also have an intranet named after someone important from your company like the founder.

Best Examples of Intranet Names

We understand that naming an intranet can be challenging, that’s why we listed the example intranet names based on their types to get you started.

Product or industry orientated

  • My Lifeline


  • The Font

  • EyeQ

  • MagNet

  • ConocoPhillips

  • Spex

  • Voyager

  • Pocketbook

  • The Checkout

  • Milky Way

  • Heartbeat

  • Planet

  • Sherlock

  • MyLaw

  • BEDPost

  • The PantryBlue Skies

  • Click

  • The Beat

  • Energy

  • The World Bank

Internally orientated

  • The Hub

  • Spectrum

  • O-zone


  • Smartnet

  • Work-e-pedia

  • Flash

  • Gebie

  • Bud-e

  • The Junction

  • The Orb

  • iNet

  • Intra-Zpne

  • InfoLink

  • WorkNet

  • The Grid

  • Fishnet

  • The Wire

  • The Eye

  • The Oracle

  • Invent

  • Insite

People focused

  • ConnectFour

  • The Insider

  • Athena

  • iSeek

  • The Watercooler

  • Beacon

  • Pulse

  • Buzz

  • Xpress

  • I-Connexion

  • MySpace

  • Grapeviner

  • The Watercolor

  • Momentum

  • Enable

  • Merlin

  • Atlas

  • Our Place

  • Together

  • People Hub

  • Horizon

  • Vmare, Inc.

Objective orientated

  • CommNet

  • The Knowledge Center

  • OnTrack

  • Trustnet

  • Link

  • Touchpoint

  • Gateway

  • Compass

  • Connect

  • Agent

  • Synapse

  • Inta-Scene

  • Lynx

  • Interlink

  • Porthole

  • Engine

  • Knowledge base

  • The Ledger

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Intranet software has been used by business owners since the 1990s. However, at that time, they only used it to store documents and very basic info and links.

An intranet site is a private network that is exclusively used by an organization to communicate and store information securely within the network. Some examples of intranet platforms are Sharepoint and Google Sites. It also allows employees to easily access important data and company records.

Intranets can also be used to facilitate conferences and collaborations. Modern intranets utilize social intranet features where employees create profiles and share posts.