What is an Intranet and Why is it Important

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What is an intranet?

Intranet software has been used by business owners since the 1990s. However, at that time, they only used it to store documents.

An intranet site is a private network that is exclusively used by an organization to communicate and store information securely within the network. Some examples of intranet platforms are Sharepoint and Google Sites. It also allows employees to easily access important data and company records.

Intranets can also be used to facilitate conferences and collaborations. Modern intranets utilize social intranet features where employees create profiles and share posts.

Intranet System and How It Works

An intranet system has three main components—hardware, platform and applications. Let’s briefly discuss each one.


The hardware refers to where the intranet data and software are stored. You have three options for hardware:

  • On-premise Solution - the intranet is hosted on a server on your company’s website. This type of system needs constant management and update.

  • Cloud-Base - a more convenient and simple type of system. The company pays a licensing fee to use it. The hosting provider maintains and manages the intranet software. An Google-based intranet like Springboard is an example of a cloud-based intranet.

  • Hybrid (combination of the two) - it offers a private traditional system with a hosted cloud.


The platform is where the intranet content is located. A functional platform has collaboration apps, databases, and communication tools that are tailored to the needs of the company.


To help employees be more productive, an intranet must have the right applications. These are computing tools used to communicate and collaborate with each other. It is also where information is stored and retrieved.

Steegle Springboard - Mobile Friendly

Our Google Sites based Intranet Springboard is entirely mobile responsive allowing your workers to enjoy Internet and knowledge management facilities wherever they are and however they choose to access it.

Despite these advances, there are still companies that put mobile-friendly intranets secondary to desktop intranets. But this is increasingly a wrong move can decrease employee adoption and productivity.

Nowadays, more companies are opening their doors to the possibility of creating a mobile-friendly digital workspace and are investing time and money in building intuitive mobile intranets. Well, mobile devices have been here for years and they are here to stay. Having a mobile-friendly intranet will be more convenient for you and your employees.

Why is an intranet important for any business?

Easier to Look Up Employees

Are you having a hard time manually looking up your employees’ information? With an intranet like Springboard, you can easily search for employees and you will be able to see their full name, job title, department, and other personal information.4

Better Collaboration

Having better communication improves collaboration among colleagues. Some quality intranets can allow team members to work on the same document at the same time.

Improving Internal Communication

Employees will have access to communication tools such as instant messaging, email, video, and voice calls. This will help speed up their communication with colleagues to relay vital information.

Increases Productivity

An intranet has all the tools and information your employees need. It will reduce the time needed to look for certain information and send emails. Giving your employees everything they need in one platform improves their disposition.

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