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Now you can also use your Google Site for ecommerce and shopping portal using few of the extensions and embed tools available online:

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How can you use Google Sites for E-commerce?

Google Sites is not an e-commerce platform

First things to say is Google Sites itself has no out-of-the-box e-commerce components and Google do not market it as such.

If you I looking for an out and out on-line shop we don't recommend Google sites as your first point of call. There are other tools out there that will be more appropriate. Having said that, there are circumstances where having an e-commerce bolt onto your Google Site makes a lot of sense.

Adding E-commerce to Sites

How does it work? Google Sites does allow you to embed third party tools.

We have used the tool Ecwid offers multiple ways for users to integrate its ecommerce extension with Google Sites. Although, this requires a bit of technical skills and knowledge.

Once you integrate the Ecwid extension on your Google Site it can turn your sites into an ecommerce or selling portal.

Apart from Ecwid there are also few other options like Shopify, Whatsapp commerce, and others who offers integration with Google Sites for Ecommerce and shopping functionality.

Do you need professional help to add e-commerce to your Google site?

Since 2008, we here at have been delivering Google Sites solutions and on-going support and maintenance for organizations. As a certified Google Cloud Partner, we specialize in Google Workspace based solutions. Give us a call at US +1 (302) 672 3007 or UK +44 (207) 871 502 or contact us today to view a demo of our intranet solutions, and see how it can help increase employee productivity and save time and money.

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