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Analytics - Google Sites

Enable site analytics for your Google Site using Google Analytics to see the pageviews, traffic and audience of your Google Site


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Create a Google Analytics Property

  1. Go to Google Analytics:

  2. Create a new Google Analytics 4 property and select an appropriate time zone and currency and set the appropriate Business information (you may need to accept the terms of service and choose your email preferences)

  3. Create a Data Stream and choose Web

  4. Enter your Website URL

    • Choose https:// as the prefix

    • Enter your custom URL if you have one and if not the published URL without an page URLs (e.g. do not include /home on the end)

  5. Copy the Measurement ID (not the code) that's in large bold type and begins with G- followed by numbers and letters

Analytics - Settings - new Google Sites

  1. Use the Settings (looks like a cog/gear) near the Publish button

  2. Choose the Analytics option

  3. In the Google Analytics tracking ID box past your Tracking ID you copied from Google Analytics

  4. Make sure you Enable analytics is active (the slider is blue if it is)

  5. Close the Settings dialogue box.

  6. Use the Publish button to make the changes live.


  • You can still make a Universal Analytics tracking ID if you wish but this is not something covered on this page or video.

Video - Create Google Analytics Account and Add to Site

Screenshots - Google Sites

Settings button - new Google Sites
Enter your Google Analytics tracking ID - Analytics - Settings - new Google Sites

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