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Copy and Hide Heading Links - new Google Sites

Gets links to a specific heading on a page in new Google Sites and how to disable the display of these anchor links


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Copy heading link

  1. Visit your Published site's URL

  2. Hover your mouse over a title, heading or sub-heading.

  3. Use the Copy heading link icon (looks like a link in a chain) and your web browser will copy a link to the heading.

  4. You can paste the link to give people direct access to a certain part of a page.

Copy Heading Link - new Google Sites

Hide anchor links (header links)

  1. Use the Settings (looks like a cog/gear) near the Publish button.

  2. Choose the Viewer tools option.

  3. Use the slider to disable Show anchor links in the Anchor links section

  4. Close the Settings dialogue box.

  5. Use the Publish button to hide the anchor links (header links) on the live site.


  • You cannot get a link from titles or headings in a page header.

  • You could use these to make your own table of contents but on the published site the links will open in a new tab.

Settings button - new Google Sites
Hide the heading links (anchor links) from displaying - new Google Sites

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