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Export Sites with Takeout - new Google Sites

Export your new Google Sites to HTML files and Images to view offline on your device or as a regular backup


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Export a new Site with Google Takeout

  1. Go to Google Drive and create a top-level My Drive folder to export the site from
  2. Move or add the new Google Site you want to export to the top-level folder created for the export (alternatively you can add the site to multiple folders - see Add a site to multiple Google Drive folders)
  3. Go to Google Takeout at
  4. Under the Select data to include use the Deselect all option
  5. Scroll down to the Drive section and then check/tick to include
  6. Use the All Drive data included option and then Deselect all
  7. Select (check/tick) the folder created for the export and use the OK button
  8. Scroll down and use the Next step button
  9. Choose your Customise archive format (in Export type you can schedule exports every 2 months for a year if you want an export every 2 months)
  10. Use the Create archive button and Google Takeout will notify you when your export is ready.


  • Takeout will only allow you to select top-level My Drive folders to export, so the sites you want to export need to be in one of those folders.
  • You can only use Takeout on sites in My Drive: if the site you want to export is on a Shared drive you cannot export from a shared drive and need to move the site to a top-level My Drive folder. Warning: Moving the site from the Shared drive to My Drive will unpublish the site.
  • You can use Takeout to export every 2 months so you can use this as a very infrequent backup of your new Google Sites

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